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Hail Storm Damage Affects Central Texas Residents

Over the past twelve months alone, residents of several Texas cities have been forced to deal with hail storm damage to their homes, cars and other property. Storms with large hail and high winds have struck in Dallas, Abilene, Wichita Falls, Lubbock and many other North Texas cities. On March 29, 2014, a vicious storm affected residents of Killeen, Belton and other Central Texas towns. Residents reported hailstones from 1.5 to 3 inches in diameter and wind gusts of nearly 70 miles per hour during the early spring storm.

Extent of Hail Storm Damage

The extent of the hail storm damage across the area could be felt from Belton to Killeen to Lampasas. Wind gusts of up to 65 miles per hour tore down power lines in Leon County. Hail stones the size of golf balls reportedly demolished the windows at Belton High School. Residents of the Dawson Ranch subdivision in Belton reported hail stones the size of softballs. Numerous towns across the area reported power outages during the twenty-minute storm, but police did not release any information on injuries or fatalities.

Assessing Hail Storm Damage Could Take Months

After the storm, the real work began for many residents and business owners: assessing the costs of the storm damage. Tariq Sekander, the sales manager for the Hertz Car Sales dealership in Killeen, told a local newspaper that nearly 200 cars received hail storm damage to various extents. The vehicles were on display during a Friday afternoon, when dealerships see high customer traffic, and many of them suffered from hail storm damage to their hoods, roofs and trunk lids.

Hundreds of Hail Storm Damage Claims Expected

Local insurance agents are bracing for hundreds of hail storm damage insurance claims stemming from the storm. Allstate agent Doug Tracey told the newspaper that he expects at least 500 claims to go through his office alone. State Farm agent Barry Harper reported that he received up to 300 phone calls when his office opened the Monday morning following the storm. Hundreds more claims are expected to pass through the offices of other major carriers. Policy holders should be aware that the sheer number of claims could take months to process, so any expectations of a fast return on their claims would be highly unrealistic.

Source: Killeen Daily Herald

Insurers May Underpay Hail Storm Damage Claims

In many instances, an insurance adjuster may underpay a hail storm damage claim. Since the adjusters work for the insurers, and the insurers lose money when they pay out claims, the adjusters may be more inclined to favor their employers, rather than the policy holders, when making their final reports. When a policy holder’s claims are underpaid or denied, that policy holder may consider seeking the advice of an experienced hail storm damage lawyer.

Find a Hail Storm Damage Lawyer

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