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GM Recalled Vehicles Still On The Road

A recent report from the troubled automaker shows that barely half of the GM recalled vehicles affected by a faulty ignition switch have been repaired. With more than 2 million of the manufacturer’s most popular sedans under the recall notice, this means that more than a million cars on the GM recalled vehicle list are still on the road. Despite the warnings and new stories surrounding the ignition switch design flaw, thousands of owners have yet to have their vehicles undergo the free repairs.

GM Recalled Vehicles Pose Serious Dangers

The faulty ignition switch still poses a serious danger, both to those driving the GM recalled vehicles and those on the road with them. The ignition switch can inadvertently move from the “ON” to the “ACC” position, which can cut power to the vehicle’s engine and other systems. This power loss can cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle and prevent the air bag system from deploying in the event of a collision. An internal GM report attributes 23 deaths to GM recalled vehicles, but other reports have the total at well over 100.

Owners Of GM Recalled Vehicles Disregarding Warnings?

The automaker has reached out to owners of cars on the GM recalled vehicle list to ensure that they are aware of the problem. Owners who receive the recall notices in the mail may disregard them as junk mail, rather than open them to learn of the ignition switch issue. Another factor in the lack of response to the GM recalled vehicle list is that owners may tune out the coverage of the numerous recalls, according to Mike Rozembajgier, vice president of the recall management company Stericycle.

Steps To Take GM Recalled Vehicles Off The Road

The automaker has already granted owners of cars on the GM recalled vehicle list access to loaner cars while dealers wait on new ignition switches. Several safety experts have also offered opinions on how to keep the dangerous GM recalled vehicles off the road. Clarence Ditow, executive director of the Center for Auto Safety, has recommended that states pass laws that require drivers to address recall issues before their vehicles can pass a state inspection. Mr. Ditow also recommended that vehicle titles should not be transferred to new owners if the previous owners did not have the recall repairs carried out.

Source: KSPR-TV

Know Your Rights in a GM Recalled Vehicle Lawsuit

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