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GM Recalled Vehicle Owners Offered $25 Gift Cards

General Motors is offering $25 gift cards to encourage owners of cars on the GM recalled vehicle list to get the repairs they need. Recent reports have shown that nearly half of the 2.7 million cars on the list of GM recalled vehicles have yet to have their defective ignition switch systems repaired or replaced. The company has been the target of numerous lawsuits stemming from injuries and deaths attributed to the faulty ignition switches.

Gift Card Incentive and GM Recalled Vehicles

Owners who complete their repairs on their GM recalled vehicles before December 1, 2014, can sign up to receive a $25 gift card. The incentive program entitles owners of cars on the GM recalled vehicles to receive gift cards from their choice of retailers. These outlets include online retail leader Amazon, AMC Theatres, Applebee’s restaurants, Bass Pro Shops sporting goods stores, Red Robin restaurants, Starbucks coffee shops, and retail giant Wal-Mart. The incentive is available to 700,000 vehicle owners and could cost GM as much as $17.5 million.

GM Recalled Vehicles Can Lose Power

The reasons behind the GM recalled vehicle notice stems from a flaw in the ignition switch in millions of the company’s popular small sedans. Reports show that the ignition switch would from the “ON” position to the “ACC” position, causing the vehicle to lose power. The loss of power would cause drivers to lose control and airbags to fail to deploy in a collision. More than 30 deaths and hundreds of injuries have been tied to the flaw in the GM recalled vehicles.

GM Recalled Vehicles Total Over 30 Million

The ignition switch recall is one of the biggest reasons that the number of GM recalled vehicles totaled over 30 million since January. Since Chief Executive Officer Mary Barra took control of the company, GM has issued more than 70 safety recalls. These recalls have ranged from loose bolts on seat assemblies to crossed wires on airbag deployment systems. The number of GM recalled vehicles affected by each notice has ranged from a few hundred to the more than 2.7 million attributed to the ignition switch recall.

Company Wants All GM Recalled Vehicles Repaired

Executives from the automaker have told reporters that they want to see every GM recalled vehicle affected by the ignition switch flaw to be repaired. Many of those GM recalled vehicles are several years old, with some dating back as far as 1998, which often contributes to lower recall repair rates. GM leaders have discussed several incentive and outreach programs with the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration in their efforts to reach their goal and prevent further accidents.

Sources: Detroit News

Know Your Rights in a GM Recalled Vehicle Case

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