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Freeport Rollover Bus Accident Leaves 1 Dead, 30 Injured

Freeport Bus Crash Leaves 1 Dead, 30 Injured


On Tuesday, October 23rd, a horrific bus accident in Freeport, Texas killed a 29-year-old man and injured 30 others.


According to authorities, the bus was traveling on Highway 36 in Freeport, transporting Zachry Construction employees from a job site to a parking lot. As the driver explained, he lost control of the vehicle when it fishtailed, causing it to roll over multiple times.


Although no other details about this tragic wreck are currently available, investigators are continuing to search for answers.


What Could Have Caused this Deadly Freeport Bus Crash?

Freeport Bus Crash

On Tuesday, October 23rd, a horrific bus accident in Freeport, Texas killed a 29-year-old man and injured 30 others.


Undoubtedly, the victims and families are eagerly awaiting information about what could have caused this bus crash. While it may take some time uncover the answers, there are some factors that commonly contribute to rollover bus wrecks like these. Some include:


  • Driver errors – The bus driver, as well as other motorists, may have failed to safely operate their vehicles for a variety of reasons. Impaired driving and reckless driving are a couple of major driver misbehaviors that commonly cause bus wrecks like these.
  • Fault vehicle equipment – Vital automotive equipment, like brakes and tires, can malfunction and cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles. This can arise from all sorts of factors, like inherently defective equipment and/or failures to properly maintain vehicles.
  • Road conditions – When roads are not properly maintained, there can be a greater risk of vehicle equipment malfunctions. For example, potholes can sharply increase the risk of tire blowouts. Additionally, poor roadway conditions can lead to swerving and other sudden movements. For instance, debris in the road can cause drivers to unexpectedly swerve.


Who’s Liable for Bus Accidents?


Many and multiple parties can be at fault for a single bus wreck, like the recent one that occurred in Freeport. Determining who the liable parties are will depend on the exact causes of the wreck.


Generally, however, those who are commonly at fault for bus crashes include (and are not limited to):


  • Drivers whose misbehaviors contribute to wrecks
  • Vehicle equipment manufacturers and/or dealers whenever faulty or defective equipment plays a role in causing wrecks
  • Other businesses when their employees are harmed by failures to train drivers, failures to maintain buses, etc.


The Amaro Law Firm Extends the Deepest Condolences to Everyone
Who Has Been Harmed by This Fatal Bus Accident.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any information about this wreck – or if you have been harmed in any type of crash and need helpful advice regarding your legal options.


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