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Former HS Football Player Files Traumatic Brain Injury Lawsuit

A former Texas high school football player filed a traumatic brain injury lawsuit against the school district, citing up to 40 concussions he suffered while playing. Blake Ripple, a former offensive lineman for the Marble Falls High School football team, claims that his time playing football left him “incapacitated” to the point where he cannot work or attend college due to his symptoms. The traumatic brain injury lawsuit also blames the school’s coaches for failing to follow medical advice and encouraging him to continue playing.

Details of the Traumatic Brain Injury Lawsuit

As a high school junior in 2009, Mr. Ripple was one of the most notable offensive linemen in Texas. Numerous major college football programs recruited him to sign on to their squads. After complaints of headaches and nausea, Mr. Ripple’s mother took him to see a neurologist at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, where he was diagnosed with traumatic brain injury due to multiple concussions. Mr. Ripple and his family filed his original traumatic brain injury lawsuit against the Marble Falls Independent School District in 2012, but the suit was dismissed in 2015. The family re-filed after completing an administrative process.

Traumatic Brain Injury Lawsuit Mentions Concussions

The traumatic brain injury lawsuit includes documentation from the Mayo Clinic doctors on Mr. Ripple’s diagnosis. The doctors diagnosed him with 30 to 40 concussions, ranging from mild to serious. They also informed him that the repeated blows to the head he sustained while playing football contributed to his nausea, insomnia, and headaches. In an interview with local reporters about the traumatic brain injury lawsuit, Mr. Ripple said that a neurologist described his brain as a “highway (that) is cracked and there are bumps everywhere.”

Traumatic Brain Injury Lawsuit: Coaches “Have Control”

A major point of contention in the traumatic brain injury lawsuit stems from the extent that Mr. Ripple’s coaches had in leaving him in games, despite any signs of concussion. The suit alleges that coaches, players and staff knew about his concussions and allowed him to continue to engage in dangerous practices in games. The traumatic brain injury lawsuit also asserts that the coaches ignored medical advice from team doctors. “These coaches have control,” Mr. Ripple told a local TV station. “They have control over your life and destiny in a sense.”

Traumatic Brain Injury Lawsuit Cites Title IX, ADA

The legal basis for the federal traumatic brain injury lawsuit comes from both Title IX and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The suit alleges that the school violated Title IX requirements by failing to treat him the same way they would have treated a female student with similar injuries. The traumatic brain injury lawsuit also argues that the school violated the ADA by failing to change its training methods after his concussions left him unable to play.

Source: KXAN-TV

Know Your Rights in a Traumatic Brain Injury Lawsuit

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