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Federal Court to Hear “Bellwether” GM Ignition Switch Recall Lawsuits

Six lawsuits chosen as “bellwether” cases involving GM ignition switch recalls will be heard in a Manhattan federal court later this year. The six cases, three chosen by the automaker and three by plaintiffs’ attorneys, could determine the disposition of hundreds of other GM ignition switch recall lawsuits currently pending. If any or all of the six cases result in large verdicts for the plaintiffs, the auto manufacturer may choose to settle the rest of the lawsuits out of court, rather than risk losing even more through additional trials.

Details of the GM Ignition Switch Recalls

Reports of accidents involving GM vehicles began surfacing as early as 2005. These reports showed that the ignition switches in GM vehicles would not shut off properly and would remain stuck in the “ACC” position. The ignition switch failure would lead to failures in the power steering and power braking systems, as well as preventing the airbags from deploying in a collision. The GM ignition switch recalls began in February 2014, with about 800,000 vehicles. In the two years that followed, the number of vehicles listed in GM ignition switch recalls grew to over 29 million, the highest domestic vehicle recall in U.S. history.

Deaths, Injuries Blamed on GM Ignition Switch Recall Vehicles

The issues that sparked the GM ignition switch recalls have been blamed for numerous deaths and injuries. Accident reports have cited the ignition switch failure in hundreds of collisions. These collisions have reportedly resulted in over 100 deaths and at least 275 injuries. Many of the families of the victims have filed lawsuits claiming that the accidents would not have happened if not for the defects that led to the GM ignition switch recalls.

GM Ignition Switch Recall Lawsuits Keep Coming

The widespread nature of the GM ignition switch recalls may mean that thousands of vehicles on the road could still have the same problem. At least 900 other lawsuits involving the GM ignition switch recalls have been filed, with more cases filed nearly every week. The automaker has already settled numerous claims, paying out more than $870 million in settlements. The company has also paid out $900 million to the U.S. Department of Justice to settle a criminal investigation into a cover-up surrounding the defective ignition switches.

Source: Bloomberg

Know Your Rights in a GM Ignition Switch Recall Lawsuit

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