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College Station Truck Accidents Leave Motorists Injured

A College Station truck accident this past weekend, involving an 18 wheeler and a motorcycle, resulted in a fatality. The accident occurred on Highway 21 near Kurten, about 15 miles northeast of College Station. Another accident, this one on US Highway 79 in Franklin, involved a head-on collision between and elderly driver and an 18 wheeler. The driver was ejected from the vehicle, while his elderly passenger was also critically injured.

College Station Truck Accident Includes Motorcycle Fatality

The College Station truck accident near Kurten occurred around 5:30 Friday evening. The motorcyclist, identified by the Brazos County Sheriff’s Office as 49-year-old Randall Gene Skipworth of Bryan, died when his 2007 Harley Davidson collided with the tractor trailer. The driver of the 18 wheeler, identified as Billy Sims, was attempting to cross Highway 21 at the intersection of Democrat Road and Kurten Business Loop 190. The motorcycle could not stop in time and struck the truck’s cab.

Source: KBTX-TV

Elderly Driver Involved in College Station Truck Accident

Another College Station truck accident resulted in critical injuries for an elderly couple. The accident occurred at around 9:30 on Saturday morning on US 79 and FM 2549 in Franklin. James Edward Baker, 76 of Hearne, turned the car off of FM 2549 and collided head-on with the 18 wheeler. Mr. Baker was ejected from the vehicle and his passenger, 87-year-old Lillian Smith of Hearne, was also severely injured. Both passengers were taken to St. Joseph Hospital in Bryan. Investigators determined that neither passenger was wearing their seat belts.

Source: KBTX-TV

College Station Truck Accidents On The Rise?

With two College Station truck accidents in one week, plus the growing number of accidents involving 18 wheelers across the state, drivers must be aware of how these big rigs operate. Some trucking companies hire drivers with little experience, offer inadequate training, and pressure them to drive longer trips. All of these factors can lead to serious accidents that can leave drivers seriously injured. An experienced attorney can help many motorists and their families regain some portion of a normal life.

Know Your Rights in a College Station Truck Accident Lawsuit

To find out how we can help you with a College Station truck accident lawsuit, contact us today at 877-892-2797. Our friendly staff will ask a few questions about your case and connect you to a  College Station truck accident attorney. You can also fill out the “Free Case Evaluation” form at the top of this page.


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