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Chevy Camaro Recall Part of GM Recall Efforts

Due to problems similar to those affecting more than 2 million cars and SUVs, General Motors recently announced a Chevy Camaro recall. The Chevy Camaro recall affects more than 500,000 of the popular sports cars. As with the previous recall of several other models, the Camaro recall involves problems with the vehicle’s ignition switch that can cause the car to lose power. The previous recall issue has been blamed for at least 13 deaths, but no deaths have thus far been attributed to the Camaro’s problem.

Chevy Camaro Recall and Ignition Key Issues

Unlike the recall of Chevy Cobalts, Saturn Ions, and other GM models, the Chevy Camaro recall does not involve a flaw in the ignition switch mechanism. Instead, GM announced that the recall of 512,000 Camaros was related to the design of the ignition key and attached key fob, which can bump the ignition switch from the “run” to the “off” position. The manufacturer has promised to provide owners with new keys and fobs for Camaros made between 2010 and 2014.

GM’s Quick Response to Chevy Camaro Recall

While GM faced severe criticism for its ten-year delay in issuing a recall notice on the faulty ignition switches in other models, the Chevy Camaro recall notice was issued very quickly by comparison. Reports from the manufacturer showed that the ignition key flaw led to three accidents and four minor injuries, but no serious injuries or fatalities. Jeff Boyer, vice president of Global Safety for GM, stated that the company’s quick action “is an example of the new norm for product safety” for the company.

Lessons Learned in Chevy Camaro Recall?

The issues GM faced in the previous round of recalls may have lead to its rapid response in the Chevy Camaro recall. The auto giant still faces numerous lawsuits from its poor handling of the ignition switch recall that affected more than 2.6 million vehicles. The company also became the target of a Congressional investigation and was forced to pay a fine of $35 million. An internal investigation into the ignition switch failure reported “a pattern of incompetence and neglect” and “a history of failures”.

Source: CNN/Money

Know Your Rights in a Chevy Camaro Recall Lawsuit

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