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Chevrolet Colorado Recall Could Include World Series MVP Prize

San Francisco Giants pitcher and World Series Most Valuable Player Madison Bumgarner may be the latest victim of the Chevrolet Colorado recall. Mr. Bumgarner received a 2015 Chevrolet Colorado as his prize for recording two wins and a save in the Giants’ seven-game series victory. The Chevrolet Colorado recall was issued in early October due to a flaw in the driver’s side airbag deployment systems. According to a GM press release, the systems were “wired incorrectly during the manufacturing process.”

Bad Wiring Leads to Chevrolet Colorado Recall

The Chevrolet Colorado recall, along with a related recall on the GMC Canyon pickup truck, stems from issues related to the wiring process in the airbag deployment system. The Chevrolet Colorado recall notice alerted vehicle owners that the driver-side airbags may “not function as designed and may adversely affect the (truck’s) crash performance.” GM has advised owners that a software patch is available that will reprogram the airbag sensor mechanisms to work with the wiring configuration.

Chevrolet Colorado Recall Forces Sales Stoppage

The Chevrolet Colorado recall forced the automaker to order its dealers to place a temporary halt on their sales of the heavy-duty vehicles starting on October 2. The stoppage lasted less than 48 hours and shipments resumed on October 4. The Chevrolet Colorado recall and the GMC Canyon recall will still affect more than 2,400 trucks that had the wiring defect. No data has been released to reveal if Mr. Bumgarner’s prize was among those trucks affected by the recall.

Chevrolet Colorado Recall Not Related to Larger GM Recall

The Chevrolet Colorado recall is not related to the recall stemming from the defective ignition switches found in the company’s smaller sedans. The ignition switch recall involved nearly three million vehicles from as far back as 1998, only half of which have been repaired. The ignition switch defect causes the switch to move from the “ON” position to the “ACC” position if the switch assembly is bumped or jostled. The loss of power can cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle and prevent the airbags from deploying in a collision.

Chevrolet Colorado Recall Gives GM More Bad Publicity

After Mr. Bumgarner’s remarkable performance in the World Series, including a five-inning save in Game Seven on only two days’ rest, the Chevrolet Colorado recall related to his MVP prize does nothing to improve the image of the troubled automaker. The Chevrolet Colorado recall is one among more than 70 recalls issued by GM this year. The recalls include more than 30 million vehicles ranging from small sedans to large trucks. GM CEO Mary Barra has indicated that many of the recalls affect only a small number of vehicles, many of which have not left the dealership lots and do not pose a danger to drivers.

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Know Your Rights in a Chevrolet Colorado Recall Case

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