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Texas Law

New Texas Law Prohibits Minors from Buying Cough Medicine

If you want to buy certain cough medicines in Texas, you’ll have to cough up your license and prove that you’re at least 18 years old, according to a new Texas law, House Bill (HB) 1518. That’s because, as of...

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New Texas Law Permits More School Marshall Appointments

Texas schools that choose to participate in the state’s School Marshall Program will now be able to appoint twice as many School Marshalls if they would like to. This is due to House Bill (HB) 1387, which went into effect...

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New Texas Alcohol Law Delivers Beer & Wine Enthusiasts New Reason to Cheers

Ordering delivery from your favorite Texas restaurant tonight? Well, now, you can add beer and wine to the order if you’re 21 or older. Thanks to Senate Bill (SB) 1232, the new Texas alcohol delivery law lets establishments with a...

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New Texas Law Recognizes Fertility Fraud as Felony Sexual Assault

Fertility doctors in Texas can now face felony sexual assault charges if they use reproductive material from a donor that a patient did not select or expressly consent to. That’s because, as of September 1st, a new Texas law—Senate Bill...

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