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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Who Pays for My Deductible After a Car Accident?

You could be responsible for paying a deductible after a car crash, depending on who’s at fault, the nature of the traffic collision, and your insurance. If you do have to pay that deductible out of pocket, you may be...

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Do I Need a Lawyer If I Have Car Insurance?

Car insurance can offer certain protections on the road and after crashes. Those aren’t the same protections and support you can get from a car accident lawyer, however. In fact, no matter what type of wreck you’re in: It can...

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Third-Party Liability in Texas Drunk Driving Cases

Impaired motorists may not be the only ones at fault for drunk driving crashes in Texas. In fact, in the Lone Star State, third parties, like the providers of alcohol, can share liability for these wrecks in some cases. Here’s...

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How to Avoid a Drunk Driving Accident Over the Holidays

Drunk driving skyrockets over the holidays — and that’s not just around Christmas and New Year’s. Throughout the year, several holidays we enjoy can also be some of the most dangerous days on Texas’s roads due to the elevated risk...

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