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Motor Vehicle Accidents

How Dangerous Parking Lots & Garages Cause Crashes

Here’s How Parking Lots & Garages Can Be Riskier Than You May Realize Parking facilities are almost everywhere these days, and most of the motoring public encounters parking garages or parking lots pretty regularly. That can make it easy to...

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10 Reasons to Never Trust an Insurance Company

Here’s How Insurers Can Compromise Claims & How to Push Back to Protect Your Rights Insurance companies profit from not paying claims. That’s no secret, but it also may not be totally obvious when insurers present themselves as being “like...

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Dallas Motor Vehicle Accident Statistics

Dallas, the third most populated city in Texas, also ranks third when it comes to having the most traffic crashes in Texas, trailing only Houston and San Antonio (which rank first and second). In fact, the latest statistics reveal that...

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How to Turn in a Median in Texas

The Rules for Turning in Medians in Texas Involve Some Math Pop quiz: When you’re driving and turning into a median in Texas, what side of the median are you supposed to stay on — the right or the left?...

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