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Parking Lots & Parking Garages Are More Dangerous Than You Think—Here’s Why…

Parking lots may seem like harmless places, but statistics show that they’re full of serious risks that can present life-threatening dangers. In fact, every year, more than 50,000 accidents occur in parking facilities, like lots and garages. These wrecks result in at least 60,000 injuries.1

To understand just how risky parking lots can be, here’s a closer look at some of the most common dangers associated with these premises.

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Top 5 Dangers in Parking Lots & Parking Garages: How Accidents Happen

Parking Lots Are More Dangerous Than You Think

Parking Lots Are More Dangerous Than You Think

Although vehicles are usually traveling slower in parking facilities than they are on the roads, parking lots and garages come with unique risks, like

  1. No or insufficient lighting: Little to no lighting in a parking garage can make it hard for drivers and pedestrians to see day or night. In parking lots, poor lighting is particularly dangerous at night or when there’s adverse weather. A lack of lighting can mean no lights, broken lights or dim lighting, or not enough lighting installed in a given area.
  2. No security: The vast majority of parking lots and garages don’t have security patrols. Some may have security cameras, but those cameras don’t always work (and they won’t be able to capture much if the lighting is terrible or nonexistent). Without security, people tend to be less likely to follow the rules—whether that’s the rules of driving, complying with posted signage, or anything else. And when that happens and people get reckless, accidents can occur.
  3. Poor parking lot design: Parking facilities with cramped, overly complicated, or otherwise poor designs can make it hard for pedestrians and drivers to safely maneuver through them. Specifically, poorly designed parking facilities can cause confusion about rights-of-way. They can also create blind spots, congestion, and other problems that can cause crashes.
  4. No signage: From stop signs to loading zone signs, the signage in a parking facility is crucial to informing people about how and where they can and can’t move through the facility. When there’s no (or not enough) signage, people can get confused, be in the wrong spot at the wrong time, and cause accidents.
  5. No ADA-accessible route to public transportation: While there may be parking spots designed for disabled individuals, there are rarely clear routes designated by way of crosswalks to help them access bus stops and other nearby public transportation stops. That can mean disabled individuals are left to navigate the way themselves, which can be really risky when there’s traffic or whenever motorists simply aren’t paying attention.

Sadly, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to parking lot and parking garage dangers. A lack of reflective striping, poor blacktop conditions, loiters, debris, broken planters, and many other factors only increase the risks at parking lots and garages.

While all of this can be scary to consider, it’s important to remember that you’re not alone if you’re ever injured in a parking lot or garage crash. You can turn to the Amaro Law Firm for help navigating the road to recovery.

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