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Month: April 2017

Can a Broker or Shipper Be Liable for the Negligence of an Owner Operator Driver?

Yes. In some situations, brokers and shippers can be liable for the negligent actions of owner operator drivers who cause truck crashes. Ready to Find Out If a Broker or Shipper Is Liable for Your Truck Accident? Contact the Amaro...

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7 Steps to Take Before Bringing a Bad Faith Lawsuit  

Bad faith insurance lawsuits can be complicated, contentious cases. Insurance companies have deep pockets and experienced attorneys dedicated to protecting their profits. Below, we have highlighted some of the important steps prospective plaintiffs can take (and avoid taking) as they...

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How Contractors and Homeowners Can Work Together When Facing Bad Faith Insurance Practices 

Bad faith insurance arises all too often with property damage claims. This is primarily because insurers and their adjusters are often more intent on limiting payouts to protect their profits than fulfilling their obligations to insured parties. This can end...

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What are the Minimum Trucking Insurance Policy Limits?

The minimum amount of insurance coverage required for a commercial truck varies according to: Whether the truck operates within a state (intrastate) or across state lines (interstate) – For intrastate trucks, the state in which the truck operates may have...

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