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How Contractors and Homeowners Can Work Together When Facing Bad Faith Insurance Practices 

How Contractors Can Work with Homeowners to Limit the Risk of Bad Faith

How Contractors Can Work with Homeowners to Limit the Risk of Bad Faith

Bad faith insurance arises all too often with property damage claims. This is primarily because insurers and their adjusters are often more intent on limiting payouts to protect their profits than fulfilling their obligations to insured parties.

This can end up meaning that contractors and homeowners face a frustrating, stressful uphill battle when pursuing a property damage claim for a covered event (like damage caused by a windstorm or hail).

Despite these facts, contractors and homeowners CAN take action to work together, empower themselves and start to level the playing field with insurance companies.

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5 Ways Contractors Can Work with Homeowners to Limit the Risk of Bad Faith

  1. Carefully review the policy – Before estimates or repairs are made, homeowners and contractors should review the details of the property insurance policy to verify whether the damage is covered. Being familiar with the policy can help homeowners and contractors parse through any misleading language the insurance adjuster may use. It can also be helpful to protecting the value of the claim.
  2. Take extensive pictures of the damage – Photos taken by homeowners and contractors can fully depict the extent of the property damage and the repairs necessary to restore the property. When snapping these photos, take close-ups and pictures from different angles. If any “before” pictures of the property are available, gather and keep them on hand. These can also be helpful to establishing the nature of the damage caused by the disaster or event (providing a clearer before-and-after comparison).
  3. Be present for insurance adjuster’s home inspection – When the adjuster conducts the property inspection to evaluate the damage, the homeowner and contractor should be on site for the complete inspection. If adjuster attempts to conduct the inspection with neither party present, consider having the insured request that the adjuster reschedule the inspection so the property owner and contractor can be present.
  4. Don’t be afraid to supplement – Battling with an insurance adjuster onsite seldom results in opinions being overturned. Do your best to respectfully portray the damages, but don’t be afraid to submit a supplement after the initial inspection. Provide as much documentation to plead your case as possible, and be sure to include photos (as referenced in point 2).
  5. Know when it’s time to contact an attorney – If you suspect that an insurer is mishandling the claim (or has wrongly denied it), contact us for a free consultation to get more information about your legal rights and options.

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If you are struggling with an insurance company over a property or hail damage claim – or if you believe your claim has been wrongfully denied, contact a Houston hail damage claim lawyer at the Amaro Law Firm for a free claim evaluation.

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