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Can a Broker or Shipper Be Liable for the Negligence of an Owner Operator Driver?

Broker & Shipper Liability for the Negligence of Owner Operator Drivers

Broker & Shipper Liability for the Negligence of Owner Operator Drivers

Yes. In some situations, brokers and shippers can be liable for the negligent actions of owner operator drivers who cause truck crashes.

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When Brokers Can Be Liable for Truck Accidents

A broker is a “middle man” between a shipper and an owner operator driver (or trucking company). Brokers typically connect shippers with trucking companies or drivers so cargo can be transported.

A broker may be liable for a truck accident if (s)he:

  • Fails to check the safety record of an owner operator or trucking company
  • Hires an owner operator (or trucking company) with a poor safety record or with a history of truck accidents.

In these cases, negligent hiring can be the basis for broker liability for a truck accident.

When Shippers Can Be Liable for Truck Crashes 

A shipper may also be liable for the negligent actions of owner operators that cause truck accidents. Liability for shippers can arise when they fail to exercise reasonable care by checking an owner operator’s:

  • Licensing
  • Registration and insurance coverage
  • Safety record.

In addition to negligent hiring, a shipper can also be liable for a truck accident when they are involved with the loading process. Shippers are assumed to be involved in the loading process when a driver picks up an already-sealed trailer. This can create liability for shippers when:

  • Loads are not properly secured.
  • Trailers are overloaded.

Liability for Truck Accidents: The Bottom Line

Determining liability for truck accidents can clearly be complicated because many parties may be held responsible for a single wreck. From drivers and trucking companies to shippers, brokers, truck equipment manufacturers, and others, liability for truck wrecks may span multiple parties.

Identifying all liable parties is important to determining the possibility of victims’ financial recoveries after truck crashes. This typically requires the insight and skills of an experienced truck accident lawyer.

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