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2 Injured When San Antonio Garage Collapses

On February 14, 2011, air horns alerted about 120 construction workers to evacuate a parking garage construction site at Urzbach Road and Medical Drive in San Antonio, Texas. The parking garage was being built as part of the University Medical Hospital's 900 million dollar expansion. Witnesses reported hearing rumbling and seeing beams fall down with clouds of smoke. Officials say the collapse brought down 1,500 pounds of concrete and steel, which was compressed into a two-story pile of rubble. Directors in charge of the site have declined to speculate as to what caused the collapse.

Two workers were injured as a result of the collapse, and one is considered to be in critical condition. Directors of the site say San Antonio emergency response units were exemplary, and considering the circumstances, were thankful more people were not injured.

Workers at the scene were hesitant to comment on the collapse of the parking garage. An OSHA investigation is currently underway.

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