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USAA Insurance Claims in Texas

USAA Insurance Claims in Texas

With thousands of traffic collisions every week in the Lone Star State, Texas leads the nation in motor vehicle wrecks. Whether you’re in Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, or anywhere else in Texas when one of those crashes happens, you can be left with substantial injuries, losses, and questions about how to file a USAA claim and recover.

Providing answers to help you move forward, this USAA auto accident claims guide shares important facts and insights about:

  • When to file a claim or when you can expect to deal with USAA after a wreck
  • How to initiate USAA insurance claims after motor vehicle accidents in Texas
  • What to anticipate and how to safeguard your rights as a claim proceeds

When You May Deal with USAA After a Wreck

If you’re in a traffic collision in Texas, you can generally expect USAA to enter the picture afterward IF:

  1. You or another involved motorist has auto insurance coverage through USAA.
  2. Police are called after the accident, and there’s an official police report for it.
  3. Any party involved in the crash sues, filing a claim with USAA or another involved insurance company.

That can mean that you end up filing a USAA crash claim if, for example:

  • You are covered by USAA, you have uninsured/underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) coverage, and you were in a hit and run.
  • You are covered by USAA, and another party decides to sue you for the crash, even if you aren’t at fault.
  • Another at-fault party is covered by USAA, and you have been hurt (and/or suffered property damage) in the traffic crash.

USAA Insurance Claims in Texas: FAQs

To give you a better idea of what it takes to file a USAA auto accident claim, here are some helpful FAQs. The answers below can get you on track with a claim while sharing more about what it generally takes to recover compensation from these cases.

What Is the Best Way to Start a USAA Crash Claim?

You can initiate a claim with USAA in one of three ways:

  1. Call 800-531-8722
  2. File a claim online by visiting this page on USAA’s website. Non-policyholders can start online USAA claims here.
  3. Download and use the USAA mobile app to start your claim there.

The “best” way to file your claim depends on your resources and preferences. Also, keep in mind that filing a claim online or via the mobile app doesn’t mean you won’t have to talk to a claims representative. It just means that a rep will call you later, after reviewing the info you’ve submitted.

When Should I Give an Official Statement to USAA for a Crash Claim?

Since official statements are recorded, you should only give an official statement to USAA when you’re ready to:

  • Calmly talk about the accident.
  • Go over details about the crash.
  • State the facts you remember.


  • You are NOT obligated to give an official statement when you make an initial report or when you first file a claim.
  • You CAN talk to an attorney before you provide USAA with any kind of official statement about the crash (and before you file a claim).

What Can I Do If a USAA Representative Is Wrongly Blaming Me for the Collision?

There may be various options for pushing back, depending on:

  • The facts and evidence associated with your claim
  • The stage your claim is in
  • Which party or parties may actually be liable

As soon as you suspect that you may be the one deemed at fault for an accident, it’s generally smart to consult a lawyer. Claims representatives can have lots of ways of leveraging evidence and the claims process in general to their advantage. An attorney can help you level the playing field, giving you better chances of success.

How Much Will USAA Pay for My Texas Auto Accident Claim?

The amount paid for a USAA crash claim — and whether or not there’s a payout to begin with — depends on several factors, including (but not limited to):

  • Whether you share fault for the wreck: If USAA says you’re mostly or partly at fault, they’ll give themselves an open door to deny a claim or reduce its value. Just because USAA says you’re at fault, though, does not make it true.
  • The severity of the damages and injuries: When motor vehicle accidents cause more severe injuries and more losses, claims may be eligible for greater compensation. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean victims should count on USAA to pay them what they may deserve, especially if they don’t know their rights or have legal representation.
  • What you’ve said or done after the crash: Admitting to causing a car wreck, waiting to seek medical attention, and other things can create issues for a claim, even if any of these actions were simple mistakes. Still, they can be used by insurance companies like USAA to try to avoid paying out full, fair compensation for a claim.

Filing a USAA Insurance Claims in Texas?

Now’s a good time to speak with an experienced auto accident attorney near you in Texas to find out more about your rights, what to expect from a USAA claim, and what you can do to position it for success.