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Top Five Mistakes People Make When Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

Select the Right Attorney for Your Personal Injury CaseWhen people suffer a personal injury whether it is from a wreck, a faulty product, a slip and fall, or a car wreck, they may know right off the bat that they need an attorney.  However, personal injury is a very complicated area of law.  Even though an attorney can help injured persons navigate through the complexities of the law and obtain fair compensation, choosing the right personal injury attorney is not easy.

There are several factors you must consider when hiring a personal injury attorney.  First, y0u need to be able to trust your attorney and feel comfortable discussing things with him or her.  In addition, you should avoid making the following 5 mistakes when hiring a personal injury attorney:

  • Not searching correctly for attorneys. The internet is a great resource to search for attorneys.  Google, Facebook, and Yelp all come with a reviewing system.  Many times, former clients will leave a review for their former attorney.  You can learn a lot about an attorney by reading his client reviews.
  • Not investigating attorney’s background. Personal injury is complicated and comes with many detailed nuances.  Some attorneys take on all types of different cases, but specialize in no areas.  To obtain  value for your case, you need a personal injury attorney.
  • Not asking questions to determine if he will handle case correctly. How busy is the attorney?  Will he able to dedicate his time to your case?  Has he handled a case like yours before?  For example, does he handle just car wrecks or does he do more complex cases like truck wrecks or product liability (e.g., defective vehicles)?  These are all important questions that you should ask prior to hiring any attorney.
  • Not providing the correct and complete information regarding your case. Even with the best attorney, if you hide facts or do not provide complete information, you are seriously hindering your case.  Hiding something that looks bad or you think is detrimental will only make things worse when the truth eventually comes to light.  An experienced attorney can minimize, if not negate, the harmful consequences of a bad fact if they are aware of them ahead of time. If they do not know about it, they cannot deal with it before it hurts your case.
  • Waiting too long before making determination. While searching for the right attorney is encouraged, be mindful of how long you spend before deciding on an attorney.  In Texas, you typically have a two year limit from the date of incident to bring a law suit.  If you wait too long, your claim may be barred.

If you or a loved have been involved in a car wreck and has suffered injuries as a result of the negligence of another person, please contact us immediately.  The attorneys at the Amaro Law Firm have successfully handled all types of personal injury cases and can help you hold all responsible parties liable in order to obtain possible compensation for your injuries.  We encourage you to read our clients´ reviews and will courteously answer all of your questions.  Contact us for a free consultation.