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Deadline for Filing Boy Scout Abuse Lawsuits Is Nov. 16, 2020

Agreement in Federal Bankruptcy Case Bars Claims Against the Boy Scouts of America After Nov. 16th Survivors of sexual abuse at the hands of anyone involved with the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) have limited time to file a claim...

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Fatal Car Accidents in Sugar Land Drop 66% Since 2014

Safety Officials Applaud the Decline, Still Think Even One Traffic Death Is Too Many Deadly car accidents in Sugar Land, TX have fallen dramatically over the past 7 years, hitting a record low of 2 fatal traffic wrecks in 2018.*...

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Natural Gas Pipeline Explosion in Corpus Christi Kills 2, Investigation & Lawsuits Underway

Raging Fire at the Port of Corpus Christi Leaves Death & Destruction in Its Wake On Friday, August 21st, a blast at the Port of Corpus Christi killed two people, seriously injured six, and left two others missing. Just past...

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Accidental Pool Drownings Are a Leading Cause of Preventable Death for Kids Under 4

Pool & Spa Drownings Have Steadily Increased Since 2015, CPSC Report Reveals More than 2,230 pool accidents involving children under 15 happen each year in the U.S. That’s according to the latest report from officials at the Consumer Product Safety...

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