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School Bus & Truck Wreck in Hockley, TX Kills 1, Investigation Underway

School Bus & Truck Wreck in Hockley, TX Kills 1, Investigation Underway

A multi-vehicle accident in Hockley, TX has left one motorist dead, raising several questions about how this wreck happened—and whether it could have been avoided.

The fatal crash occurred just before 8:30 a.m. on Friday, Feb. 28th, when a septic truck traveling on FM 2920 reportedly tried to pass a Waller Independent School District (ISD) bus at the 23100 block.

That’s when, according to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO), the septic truck crashed into a Toyota Camry, causing the Camry to make “minor contact” with the Waller ISD school bus. The school bus was transporting 35 children to Evelyn Turlington Elementary School.

While the bus suffered minor damage, the collision between the truck and the Camry was severe, causing the driver of the Camry to sustain fatal injuries. 

It’s unclear whether others were injured in this crash. However, authorities have reported that no one else was taken to the hospital for emergency care immediately following the collision.

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What Caused This Deadly Accident?

Investigators are now working hard to find answers to this question. At this time, we only know that the septic truck was allegedly trying to pass the school bus when the deadly wreck occurred. While other factors may have been at play, studies show that passing school buses can be very dangerous and often contributes to accidents, injuries, and deaths.

As Diana Hollander, president of the National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services (NASDPTS), explains:

We know that students are far safer in school buses, but cars passing school buses is one of the most troubling problems we face because it is so common and can lead to injury or death.

With the investigation underway, more information about what caused this accident may come to light in the coming days and weeks.

Waller ISD officials have released the following statement about this accident: 

All Waller ISD (WISD) students and the driver who were on school bus #11 that was involved in an accident at FM 2920 and Hunters Creek this morning are safe. The primary accident occurred when a septic truck attempted to pass the bus and collided with a Toyota Camry. While the bus sustained minor impact, the collision between the other two vehicles was serious. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office is providing details regarding this.

WISD officials were immediately notified of the accident and responded quickly to provide the best possible care for the WISD family that was involved. All 35 students onboard attend Evelyn Turlington Elementary (TES). TES and WISD leadership responded to the scene to personally care for students. Another WISD bus was dispatched to pick up the students and continue their route safely to school. Families of all of the students onboard are being contacted directly. All the students are now either being cared for at TES or with their families. There are additional counselors at the school to assist any student who needs to talk about the accident. 

Two additional WISD school buses, #60 and #14, passed by the accident after it occurred. These buses were also carrying TES students. WISD and TES is personally reaching out to the students on these buses and their families to take care of them.

‘Waller ISD is a family,’ WISD Superintendent Kevin Moran said. ‘We are incredibly grateful that all of our students are safe. It’s important to us that we personally connect with each one and their families to ensure they are taken care of in any way that is needed. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those involved in the accident.’