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Bus Accident

Compensation for Bus Accident Injuries

Bus accidents can cause devastating effects for passengers of the bus, drivers of passengers of other vehicles involved in the collision and pedestrians. Due to the dimensions and weight of a bus, as well as the lack of seatbelts for passengers, the injuries caused are often incredibly severe. If you or a loved one has been injured in such an incident, speak to an attorney right away. You have the right to pursue compensation and damages for your medical costs, lost income, reduced ability to earn an income, impairment, disfigurement, pain and suffering and more.

Buses may be owned and operated by a private company or a government agency and this will affect how your claim is approached. Your legal counsel can investigate the specifics of your case to build and substantiate your claim. It may be found that the accident was due to driver negligence, negligent hiring, inadequate training, improper maintenance, defective products or inadequate safety signals. If hazardous roadways contributed, you may pursue compensation from the government agency responsible. There are strict time limitations involved so do not wait to contact a bus accident lawyer.

All too often, negligence causes bus accidents. When it does, victims can trust the Amaro Law Firm to protect their rights to recovery and set their claim up for success.

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Defending the Rights of Bus Accident Victims

The legal team at Amaro Law Firm is dedicated to thoroughly preparing your case and relentlessly pursuing the maximum available compensation. We feel genuine compassion for accident victims and pride ourselves on representing the little guy against large companies and agencies that must be held responsible for their conduct. With some of our attorneys having prior legal experience in defending insurance companies against personal injury claims, we are in the unique position of knowing exactly how the other side words and how best to take them on.

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