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Stockert 3T Dangerous Medical Device Attorneys

Stockert 3T Dangerous Medical Device Attorneys

Stockert 3T is a heater-cooling machine used to regulate a patient’s body temperature in open-heart surgery or cardiopulmonary bypass surgery. Made by LivaNova PLC (formerly known as the Sorin Group Deutschland GmbH), Stockert 3T has been associated with the development of serious, life-threatening infections.

Those who have been seriously injured after exposure to a Stockert 3T system (or similar heater-cooler units) may be entitled to compensation for their injuries, suffering and losses.

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Stockert 3T is a heating-cooling machine used in operating rooms. Surgical patients who’ve developed serious infections after exposure to Stockert 3T may have a claim against LivaNova.

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How the Stockert 3T System Works

Approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in June 2006,1 Stockert 3T systems have:

  • A water tank with separate chambers for warm and cold water
  • A heating and cooling unit through which air circulates.

Through closed circuits, the system provides temperature-controlled water to a warming-cooling blanket or an external heat exchanger. About 60 percent of bypass procedures performed in the U.S. involve the use of a Stockert 3T system.2

Other heater-cooling machines that operate similarly to the Stockert 3T include (and are not limited to):

  • Biotherm Heat Exchange (from Medtronic)
  • Terumo HX2 Heater Cooler (from Terumo Cardiovascular Group)
  • Jostra HCU 30 (from Jostra AB).

While these systems are primarily used in heart surgeries, they can also be used in various lung and chest surgeries.

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