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Insurance Agents

If you have had your insurance claim denied, or if your claim exceeds your policy limits, you need to find out why you weren’t covered. Insurance policies are often written in complex and convoluted language, so you need an expert who can break down these complexities and understand your case. In some instances, the expert may find that your insurance agent failed to fulfill his obligations to you after selling you the policy. Such failures can constitute a breach of fiduciary duty.

At the Amaro Law Firm, we focus on helping clients who have been wronged by their insurance agents. We work with clients to pursue insurance brokers, providers and claims adjusters who will prevent you from getting every penny you need for your recovery.

When insurance agents negligently handle a claim or misrepresent your coverage, filing a claim against them can hold them accountable and help you get compensation for your losses.

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Duties of Insurance Agents

An insurance agent acts as a intermediary between policy holders and insurance providers. The insurance agent works on behalf of a single insurance provider, while an insurance broker sells policies from various providers. Insurance agents help policy holders select the coverage levels and premium payment that fit their needs. These agents also submit claims to the insurance provider on behalf of the policy holder. They can also handle routing premium payments from the policy holder to the insurance provider.

Fiduciary Duty and Insurance Agents
How Insurance Agents Breach Their Fiduciary Duties
Cases Against Insurance Agents
Know Your Rights in an Insurance Agents Lawsuit