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Injuries Caused by Motorcycle Accidents

Texas is a great place to ride a motorcycle! The Texas Gulf region alone offers 624 miles of coast to explore. There is something irresistible about riding on the open road and the sense of freedom it brings. Whether traveling the scenic Gulf of Mexico shoreline, the rolling, grassy plains of the panhandle region, the Texas Hill Country, or the piney forests near the Louisiana border, those same qualities that make a motorcycle compelling to so many riders may also make it dangerous.

When a motorcycle is in a crash, the driver will experience one of the most dangerous kinds of accidents associated with a moving vehicle. With little protection safeguarding against impact, as is standard in a car or truck, a rider can face very serious injuries. In fact, the motorcycle incident fatality rate is 5 times that of a passenger vehicle. Contrary to popular belief, however, almost all accidents involving motorcycles are NOT the result of carelessness by the motorcyclist. For the backup you need when you face the challenges of recovery from serious motorcycle accident injuries, contact an attorney from our firm today.

Help for Recovery from Serious Injury

We have seen the devastating effects of motorcycle accidents, and we work aggressively to protect our clients’ rights. Our priority is compensation sufficient to regain for you the freedom of the road. We have helped our riders obtain monetary recovery, including rehabilitation for these serious motorcycle incident injuries:

  • Head impact and resulting brain injury. Injuries to the head are common when thrown, even though a helmet was used. Bleeding in the brain, a cerebral hematoma, must be treated immediately.
  • Abrasions or “road rash” caused by scraping on the pavement. If severe, these injuries may require restorative surgery.
  • Broken bones, including injury to legs, arms, back and pelvis.
  • Back and neck injuries, including damage to the spinal column.
  • Spinal cord injuries, resulting in paralysis.
  • Amputations always require costly rehabilitation.