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Parking Lot Fatality Cases: When a Pedestrian Is Killed by a Vehicle

At least 500 people are killed in parking lot accidents every year in the U.S.1 Compounding this tragic statistic is the fact that many of these deadly crashes could have been prevented if someone had been more careful.

When fatal accidents happen in parking lots, it’s important for the victim’s surviving loves to get answers—and justice.

If You Have You Lost a Loved One to a Deadly Parking Lot Accident,

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Financial recoveries can’t bring back loved ones, but compensation and a favorable outcome can help you lay your loved one to rest and start to heal.

What Causes Deadly Parking Lot Accidents?

Fatal Parking Lot Accidents

Fatal Parking Lot Accidents

Tragically, all sorts of factors can cause fatal parking lot accidents. Sometimes, many of the following may be at play in a single crash:

  • Driver negligence: Distracted driving is a big problem in parking lots. One study found that as many as 2 in every 3 motorists is guilty of distracted driving in parking lots.
  • Poor parking design: Design can impact everything from the flow of vehicles and foot traffic to what anyone can see at any given time in a parking lot. Lack of crosswalks in parking lots plays a major role too, especially for elderly, children, and the disabled to provide accessible access to the businesses from public transportation or parking.
  • Poor lighting: If it’s too dark and people can’t see well, they’ll have a much harder time trying to read signage and anticipate others’ actions.
  • Missing signage: Parking lot signs are essential in telling people how to proceed, areas they should avoid, and other important information. When that information isn’t available, it’s much more challenging to safely move through parking lots and avoid accidents.
  • Debris or carts: While drivers may suddenly swerve to avoid debris, they can also run into it, lose control of their vehicle, and get in crashes.
  • No reflective striping: This is another parking lot feature that can help everyone know where it’s safe and unsafe for them to be as they move through the area. If there’s no reflective striping, people will guess, and that can give way to an accident.
  • Much more: When it comes to parking lot risks, the list can go on and on. From no security to loiters, poorly maintained planters, and more, all sorts of elements can cause parking lot accidents.

What Should I Do After a Deadly Parking Lot Accident?

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