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Dallas Moving Truck Accident Attorney

Justice & Full, Fair Recoveries for the Victims of Dallas Moving Truck Crashes

Moving trucks travel on Dallas’s roads a lot, helping people relocate their homes and businesses. As useful and common as these vehicles are, however, they can also present some significant accident risks. And those risks are far more likely to result in horrific moving truck wrecks whenever negligence is involved.

After a moving truck accident in Dallas, you may not know where to turn, what to do, or how to start asserting your rights. To help you figure out the next steps, the following shares some crucial information for those involved in moving truck crashes in Dallas.

While these answers can be a great start to understanding more about these cases, a Dallas moving truck accident lawyer is ready to share additional claim-specific insights whenever you are ready to learn more about a potential case.

Who Can I Sue After a Moving Truck Accident in Dallas, TX?

Your crash and the events that caused it are key to answering this question. That’s because:

  • You may be able to sue any individual, company, or party whose negligence played a role in causing your Dallas moving truck crash.
  • Discovering how negligence factored into a moving truck wreck can require intensive investigative work.

Additionally, identifying the at-fault parties is just one step in determining whether (and who) you may be able to sue after a crash. Beyond that, it’s also critical to nail down key details of a potential claim, like the statute of limitations and whether Texas’s proportionate responsibility law will apply.

These are just some of the reasons why it’s prudent to consult a lawyer after a Dallas moving truck accident. An attorney can dice out and address each issue that may impact your recovery options while helping you determine who you can sue and what you need to do to get a case started.

What Evidence Do I Need for a Moving Truck Accident Case?

Like liability, evidence for a moving truck accident claim will depend on specifics of that case and crash. Consequently, an investigation into the wreck can uncover important evidence, including items that victims were not initially aware of.

In fact, depending on the claim, key evidence to establish fault and liability for a moving truck accident in Dallas, Texas, may include (and is not limited to):

  • Accident pictures and video footage: The points of impact and orientation of the damaged vehicles shown in this graphic evidence can reveal more about how a moving truck crash happened. So can road conditions, weather, and other details in accident photos and videos.
  • Police reports for the crash: If police respond to the accident scene, their official report can contain an array of potential evidence, from other parties’ statements and appearances after the crash to any traffic tickets that were issued, BAC test results, and a lot more. Click here to request a copy of a Dallas police accident report online.
  • Witness statements: This can include eyewitness statements, as well as analysis and depositions from expert witnesses, like accident reconstructionists, engineers, and others.
  • Various other items: Debris or wreckage on the roads, moving truck company records, and cellphone records are just a few other items that may also end up being important evidence to a moving truck crash case.

When it comes to evidence of liability for a moving truck accident, it’s also essential to know that evidence may not be accessible forever — and you tend to have a better shot at collecting as much available evidence as possible the sooner you investigate a wreck (instead of waiting months or longer to take action).

When Should I Contact a Dallas Moving Truck Accident Lawyer?

Talk to a moving truck attorney in Dallas, Texas, as soon as you can if you’re asking this question. Tragically, the reality is that victims cannot rely on other parties to honor their rights or claims and:

  • There is not a lot of time to file these cases.
  • It’s common for victims to be wrongly blamed for causing wrecks, especially if those victims don’t understand their rights and how to assert them.
  • Victims can face an array of challenges when they file claims and how they respond to those challenges can impact the outcome of their case, as well as the amount of compensation they may be able to recover.

That’s why a Dallas moving truck accident lawyer can be an indispensable ally for crash victims, guiding them at every phase of a claim. By contacting a lawyer ASAP, you can start leveraging that representation and support to set your claim and recovery up for the best possible outcome.