Category: Workers Compensation

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  • June
    11 2019

    Santa Fe Gas Line Explosion Leaves 5 Workers in Critical Condition, Investigation Underway

    Five gas line workers in Santa Fe are currently in critical condition after a gas line explosion hurled flames several feet into the sky above. According to authorities, the gas line burst just after 6 p.m. on Thursday June 6th. The workers, who were Dayton Pipeline employees working under contract for CenterPoint Energy, were reportedly […]

  • January
    08 2019

    Truck Driver Workplace Fatalities Skyrocket in 2017

    More than 3 in every 4 motor vehicle operators who were killed on the job in 2017 were commercial truck drivers. This is according to the latest findings from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), which has also reported that, in 2017: 840 truckers suffered fatal occupational injuries The number of on-the-job trucker deaths was […]

  • June
    26 2018

    3 Things Truckers MUST Know When They Are Injured On the Job

    Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere, regardless of how careful, experienced and diligent you may be. When these accidents involve job-related trucking wrecks, injured truckers can be left with devastating, lasting injuries, expensive medical bills and less (if any) income. In these situations, understanding the various options for financial recovery can be pivotal helping injured truckers […]

  • June
    19 2018

    Is the Shortage of Truck Drivers Contributing to More Trucking Wrecks?

    Over the past decade, an increasing shortage of truck drivers has been plaguing the trucking industry. While various factors have likely contributed to the shortage of truckers, the results have had far-reaching impacts on the American public – from delayed deliveries and increasing consumer prices to a greater risk of truck accidents on U.S. roadways. […]

  • June
    12 2018

    When Trucking Companies Can Be Held Responsible for an Accident

    Motor carriers are required to abide by various laws, rules and regulations in order to minimize the risk that their commercial trucks and drivers will be involved in accidents. All too often, however, these trucking companies fail to live up to their obligations, cutting corners and/or violating the law in an effort to boost profits. […]