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7 Safety Risks for Bus Transportation

How Common Safety Risks Cause Bus Accidents & How to Avoid Them Buses can offer a safe way to get around. They can also present some distinct risks and dangers on the road, especially when certain parties fail to be...

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Where is Lane Splitting Legal?

Lane splitting, where a motorcycle weaves between two lanes of cars, is illegal in most states. In states where lane splitting is illegal, motorcyclists may be subject to fines or other punishments for breaking the law. While lane splitting allows...

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Common Causes of Driverless Car Crashes

Driverless vehicles, hailed as the future of transportation and roadway safety, have been involved in several motor vehicle accidents over the years. In fact, reports indicate that, since 2021, there have been at least: 130 accidents involving fully autonomous vehicles...

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In an Accident While Driving for Uber? Here’s what to know

Uber accidents can happen like any other auto wreck, but the aftermath can be far different. In fact, Uber crashes can create some uniquely complex issues when it comes to liability and car accident claims. From determining fault to figuring...

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