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7 Safety Risks For Bus Transportation

7 Safety Risks For Bus Transportation

7 Safety Risks for Bus Transportation

7 Safety Risks for Bus Transportation

Using a bus for transportation can be one of the safest ways to get from point A to point B, however certain circumstances can lead to death or great bodily harm to passengers. When riding buses, we tend to feel safer because we are the biggest thing on the road. Sometimes though, when bus companies, bus drivers, or even passengers fail to take certain safety precautions buses can be the most dangerous on the road.

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Here are seven safety risks to look for when riding in a motor coach vehicle:


  1. Distracted driving

If you feel your bus driver is distracted by his cell phone, eating, drinking, checking maps, etc. you have a right to ask he/she to stop. You can suggest that they pull over if they need help with directions. There is no reason why a driver should be on their cell phone. If you encounter that situation, you need to report that to the bus company.


  1. Speeding

Under no circumstances should your bus driver be speeding. Bus drivers often feel that since they are driving a bigger vehicle they can drive faster and remain safe. This is simply not true. Speeding increases the distance required to safely stop a bus. When a bus driver is speeding it can also put you in danger when making sharp turns or driving on a windy road.


  1. Convincing drivers to stay behind the wheel.

You should never ask your bus driver to stay behind the wheel past their scheduled driving time. This will just put you and everyone else at danger. Not only is it illegal for a bus driver to drive a certain number of hours, it’s dangerous in that they can become tired and less aware of their surroundings resulting in a crash.


  1. Using improper GPS devices that are only meant for cars

Unfortunately, as a passenger it will be hard to tell what type of GPS your driver is using. Commercial GPS devices are designed to display routes that are both safe and legal for buses to use. If a bus driver is using their mobile phone or a GPS designed for regular automobiles, the route suggestions can be hazardous or illegal.


  1. Using wrong tires/driving on worn out tires

Tires are one of the most important aspects of a vehicle. Before you get on a bus, double check the tires. When tires are worn down or “balding” you could be put in danger on your trip. Old tires can easily blow out, or be severally impacted by nails, glass, or other objects on the road. Driving with the correct tires for a motor coach vehicle is also important. Buses are extremely heavy, so the tires have to be able to withstand the weight as well as withstand all weather conditions.


  1. Not keeping up with mandated repairs

All bus companies must keep up with all FMCA’s safety requirements which includes keeping up with necessary repairs. If you find yourself in a bus wreck because of a malfunction on the bus, the bus company would be at fault.


  1. Failing to maintain awareness

If you see that your bus driver is struggling with staying aware, you might want to suggest a break. Bus drivers are on the road for a long time which can result in their awareness being impaired. This is why laws are put into place for how long bus drivers are allowed to stay on the road, but those laws don’t work for everyone. Keep an eye on your driver every now and then to make sure they are fully aware and responsive.


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