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Distracted Driving

Deadly Car Accidents Kill 8 Teens Daily

Car Crashes Are a Leading Cause of Teen Death, Authorities Say Teen drivers are about three times more likely than older motorists to die in fatal motor vehicle wrecks. That’s according to the latest data, which authorities are highlighting as part...

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Construction Zone Accidents: Who Is at Fault?

Highway work zones can be the sites of terrible motor vehicle accidents. On average, at least two people die every day in the U.S. in highway work zone accidents, authorities report. Far more are injured, and many of these accidents could...

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How Dangerous Parking Lots & Garages Cause Crashes

Here’s How Parking Lots & Garages Can Be Riskier Than You May Realize Parking facilities are almost everywhere these days, and most of the motoring public encounters parking garages or parking lots pretty regularly. That can make it easy to...

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How to Turn in a Median in Texas

The Rules for Turning in Medians in Texas Involve Some Math Pop quiz: When you’re driving and turning into a median in Texas, what side of the median are you supposed to stay on — the right or the left?...

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