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Parking Lot Accidents

How to Read a Police Car Accident Report: 5 Key Details to Look For

When looking over the police report for a car accident, carefully check out: The crash location and identifying informationDriver informationCharges filedThe injuries and/or fatalities sustainedThe officer’s narrative and diagram of the crash events Here’s where to find this information in...

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How to Get a Car Accident Report from Police: 2 Steps to Take

In Texas, here’s how to get a copy of the official police report for a car crash: Collect key identifying information about the crash.Request a copy of the report:Online via the TxDOT Crash Report Online Purchase System.By mail, completing Form...

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How to Report a Car Accident to Police: 3 Steps & 3 Helpful Tips

When reporting a car accident to police: Only explain the facts of the crash.Never admit fault and avoid passing blame.Note the officer’s name and badge number. As you report a crash to police, here are some helpful tips to remember:...

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Why Report a Car Accident? 3 Key Reasons to Report a Wreck

Reporting a car accident is important because: It’s the law (in many states and situations).It can help you figure out who’s at fault (through a police report, etc.)It can help you with a future car accident claim (with insurers). Here’s...

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