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Drunk Driving Crashes

How to Protect Your Rights When Filing a Car Accident Claim: 4 Key Do’s & Don’ts

To protect a potential car accident case, DO: Call the police.Get medical attention.Keep everything.Talk to a lawyer who provides free consultations. On the other hand, protecting your rights and a potential car accident claim also means that you do NOT:...

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How Car Accident Claims Work: 6 Stages to Resolve a Claim

Car accident claims follow these steps: The initial evidence-gathering stage Officially filing the claim Negotiations with the insurance company Consideration of any settlement offer The trial The jury verdict Not all cases go through each step. The vast majority are...

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How Do I Prove Fault for a Car Accident: 5 Essential Pieces of Evidence

The evidence that’s usually crucial for proving fault for a crash can include: The police reportAccident scene picturesWitness statements Chemical tests or cellphone recordsOther evidence Here’s why this evidence matter. Car Accident Police Reports The car accident police report is...

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How to Read a Police Car Accident Report: 5 Key Details to Look For

When looking over the police report for a car accident, carefully check out: The crash location and identifying informationDriver informationCharges filedThe injuries and/or fatalities sustainedThe officer’s narrative and diagram of the crash events Here’s where to find this information in...

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