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Month: May 2017

Small Trucking Fleets Commit about 60 Percent of Hours of Service Violations

For-hire motor carriers with fewer than 20 trucks were responsible for approximately 60 percent of hours of service (HOS) violations in 2015.1 The same year, carriers with fleets of at least 100 trucks accounted for less than 15 percent of...

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The Historical Connection between Talcum Powder and Ovarian Cancer 

For more than 45 years, researchers have been studying talcum powder, the ovaries and ovarian cancer. Here’s a look at the major findings of these studies. First Study on Talcum Powder & the Ovaries: 1971 In March 1971, a study...

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At Fault in an Auto Accident: Can I Sue and Recover Damages in Texas?

Whether you are able to recover damages in Texas for a car wreck will depend on the degree to which you were at fault for the car crash (when compared to the other involved parties). This is because Texas has...

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Critical Discovery in Truck Accident Cases: How to Build a Strong Truck Wreck Case

Discovery is the pre-trial process during which evidence related to a claim is gathered, shared and analyzed by both sides (i.e., the plaintiff and the defendant). For truck accident cases, the defendant (e.g., the insurance company) commonly has a head...

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