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Wrongful Death Lawyer Near Me

What to Look for Above a ‘Wrongful Death Attorney Near Me’ When It’s Time for Justice

Searching for a wrongful death lawyer ‘near me’ can be the first step in finding out if you have a case and, if so, what to expect as you pursue a claim.

Beyond that, however, you need answers about your rights and options if you’ve lost a loved one and you’re ready to take legal action.

You can start getting some of those answers here. For more information that’s confidential and related to your circumstances, just reach out to talk to a wrongful death lawyer.

Do I Have a Wrongful Death Claim?

You may have the right to file a wrongful death case and seek compensation IF:

  • You have lost a loved one as the result of another party’s negligent actions: That negligence can be associated with car crashes, aviation accidents, boat accidents, offshore accidents, dangerous drugs, unsafe premises, and more.  
  • You shared a specific relationship with the person who passed away (the decedent): In Texas, only a parent, child, or spouse of the decedent has the right to file a wrongful death case. Although siblings cannot file Texas wrongful death claims, they may be able to pursue survival actions as the executors of a decedent’s estate.
  • The death occurred within the past two years: Texas law sets the filing deadlines for wrongful death claims as two years from the date of death. While there are exceptions to this rule, missing the filing deadline can mean losing the chance to seek justice and wrongful death compensation.
  • You have not already accepted a wrongful death settlement: Keep in mind that you shouldn’t automatically assume that denials of wrongful death claims are legit or legal. Wrongful denials are not uncommon for wrongful death claims, especially if there is any gray area that gives the insurance company room to try to dodge payment.

With wrongful death claims, it’s also crucial to know that:

  • Personal injury cases can be transitioned into wrongful death cases if catastrophic injuries from an accident end up being fatal weeks or months later.
  • You may not know whether negligence was involved in the death of a loved one or if you have a claim. That’s why it’s essential to consult a wrongful death lawyer in your area who knows the laws and who can evaluate a potential case.

Who Gets Sued in a Wrongful Death Case?

The parties whose negligence contributed to the wrongful death can be sued and named as defendants in these cases. Depending on the event that caused the wrongful death, the parties who may be at fault — and who, therefore, can be sued — may include (and are not limited to):

  • Drivers, motor carriers, carmakers, and/or others responsible for auto wrecks
  • Pilots, aviation companies, aircraft manufacturers, and/or others responsible for plane crashes
  • Boat operators, boat owners, and/or others responsible for boating accidents
  • Landlords, property managers, and/or property owners who are responsible for unsafe premises
  • Manufacturers and/or other companies who are responsible for dangerous products or risky drugs
  • Cities, counties, and/or other public entities that play a role in any fatal accident

For some wrongful death cases, there may be several defendants shouldering some portion of liability for the claim. No matter who is getting sued in a wrongful death case, however, claimants often face pushback, especially from insurance companies who are skilled at defending against these claims.

When Should I Talk to a Wrongful Death Lawyer Near Me?

In general, you can benefit from consulting a wrongful death attorney in your area whenever:

  • You believe a loved one’s death may have been caused by another’s reckless actions. In other words, you think your loved one would still be alive today if someone else had exercised more caution.
  • You need answers about your rights and whether you have a wrongful death case.
  • You are being contacted by insurance companies about the death of a loved one.
  • You have received an offer from an insurance company after a loved one died in an accident.

When you’re ready to meet with a ‘wrongful death attorney near me,’ you won’t have to pay for legal advice. That’s because experienced wrongful death lawyers offer free case evaluations to help folks learn about their rights.

How Do I Find the Right Wrongful Death Lawyer Near Me to Handle My Case?

When you’re looking for a wrongful death attorney ‘near me,’ the results can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to spend tons of time trying to hone in on the best choice. That’s because you can find the right wrongful death lawyer ‘near me’ by looking for an attorney who has:

  • Vast experience with wrongful death cases that are similar to yours
  • Excellent reviews across multiple sites (not just the firm’s website)
  • Good standing with the state bar association (You can search for any Texas attorney here, using the state bar’s search tool.)
  • A record of securing favorable results for wrongful death cases

That criteria alone can help you greatly narrow down your options. So can meeting with an experienced wrongful death attorney.