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Waco, Texas, is the site of thousands of traffic collisions every year. In fact, Waco has an average of 10 wrecks occurring on its roads every day. That’s according to the latest statistics, which also show that there have been at least 3,350 motor vehicle wrecks on Waco Drive, I-35, and other Waco roadways each year since 2018.

As many collisions as that is, the numbers don’t show how severe the impacts of these crashes can really be, especially when large tractor-trailers are involved. When 18-wheeler wrecks happen, victims need answers about their legal options. Some of those answers are featured below.

For more information about a potential truck accident claim and the best path forward, reach out to an experienced Waco truck accident lawyer.

How Do I Know If I Have a Claim After a Truck Accident in Waco, TX?

The only way to know for sure is to talk to an attorney for a confidential case evaluation. The reality is that a clear answer here depends on the facts of your crash, including (but not limited to) facts like:

  • How long ago the accident happened: In Texas, you have a two-year time limit for filing an 18-wheeler accident claim. After that, claims can expire, and you may lose the chance to seek financial recovery.
  • When your truck accident injuries were discovered: If injuries from a semi wreck are detected after the crash happens, the time limit for filing a case can start counting down as of the date those injuries are found, instead of the date of the wreck. The same holds true for fatal injuries. If victims lose their lives to crash injuries in the weeks or months following the wreck, the time limit for filing a case will start counting down as of the date of death.
  • Whether and how the injuries were documented and treated: There has to be proof that a tractor-trailer accident caused certain injuries, otherwise it can be very challenging to win a claim. In many cases, this proof lies in medical records and bills for treatments victims received after the wreck. If accident victims didn’t get treatment — or their treatment is inconsistent — it can be much more difficult to establish and win damages.
  • Who shares liability for the tractor-trailer accident: Victims can share liability for a crash, but they will not be legally entitled to pursue claims for compensation if they were primarily at fault for the accident. Additionally, victims should not assume that insurance companies get liability determinations right. It’s not uncommon for insurers to try to wrongly blame victims in part (or totally) for 18-wheeler accidents. Misinterpretations of evidence or overly narrow investigations of tractor-trailer wrecks are just a few ways insurers may try to pull this move.

When Should I Accept a Truck Accident Settlement?

You should only accept a truck accident settlement offer AFTER you have met with a Waco truck accident lawyer and:

  • Thoroughly reviewed the offer to determine if it’s really sufficient
  • Discussed with your attorney the alternatives to not accepting, including the chances of getting a higher offer or having to go to court
  • Had the chance to carefully think about what you want and whether you really want to accept the offer versus keep fighting for a better resolution.

With that said, here are some other essential things to know about insurance companies and truck accident settlements:

  • Don’t expect high offers out of the gate: Initial offers are where negotiations start. If you just got a low first offer that’s insulting, figure out where you’ve been shorted, so you can make an effective counteroffer.
  • You don’t have to accept an unfair offer: Don’t let insurers strongarm you into taking a lowball offer because they say that’s all they’re willing to give you. Sometimes, it’s necessary to go to court, and a lawyer will be able to help you make that decision whenever necessary.
  • Your lawyer can show insurance companies you’re serious: A good Waco truck accident attorney will know how to stand up to the insurers, effectively countering low offers while diffusing any tactics they may use to try to devalue or deny claims.

When Do I Need a Waco Truck Accident Lawyer?

As soon as possible. A Waco truck accident attorney can protect, guide, and represent you as soon as you retain their services. When you’ve been badly hurt — and there’s complicated work for your claim and insurance companies are not on your side — it’s in your best interests to have a lawyer in your corner.

A 5-Star Waco Truck Accident Lawyer Is Ready to Evaluate Your Potential Claim

The sooner you contact a Waco truck accident lawyer, the sooner you can find out how to protect your rights and potential claim.