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Unfair Tip Pools

The wage claim attorneys at the Amaro Law Firm has discovered that unpaid wage claims are extremely common in the food service and restaurant industry where there are tip pools. Particularly, restaurants will sometime implement illegal tip pools in order to avoid having to fully pay all their employees out of their pocket. The wage claim attorneys at the Amaro Law Firm are familiar with the common tip pool scams attempted by many businesses in the service industry.

Some businesses misapply the tip credit system which can also result in your hard work going unpaid. Tipped employees who make over $30 a month in tips can be paid with a tip credit, which means your tips can be counted as wages to meet the minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. However, if employers may one due this if they employees meet certain requirements, one being that they must at least make minimum wage. Another requirement is that the employer must inform you that they are using the tip credit on you. If your employer has not met the all the requirements for using a tip credit properly, you may have a claim for back wages. The wage claim attorneys at the Amaro Law Firm can help you analyze your situation, and determine whether a tip credit is being properly applied in your situation.

The Federal Labor Standards Act provides specific guidelines as to how tip pools may be split up. If you believe that that your place of work has implemented an illegal tip pool system, the wage claim lawyers at the Amaro Law Firm can help you determine if the tip pool is indeed in violation of Texas or Federal law.

If you believe the way you are someone you know is not being fully paid for their work because of an illegal tip pool scheme or tip credit, please contact one of the Amaro Law Firm’s experienced wage claim attorneys at 713-864-1941 or toll free at 1-(713) 352-7975.