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Sugar Land Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

A serious injury caused by a pedestrian accident could place a debilitating hold on your life. It could affect your work, home life, and daily routine. Fortunately, there are legal avenues allowing victims to take legal action in order to receive compensation for damages.

You could put a lot of pressure on yourself by attempting to take your own case. A Sugar Land pedestrian accident lawyer could help alleviate that pressure. An experienced attorney could take over the management of your case assist you throughout the process and help you take steps toward legal relief. Call today to schedule a free initial consultation.

Types of Damages for Pedestrian Accidents in Sugar Land

Pedestrian accident victims may pursue a variety of damages, including property damages, punitive damages, economic damages, and non-economic damages. Property damages could be sought if the plaintiff’s property was damaged or lost as a result of the defendant’s conduct. For example, if the plaintiff’s phone was destroyed from being hit by the defendant’s car, they might seek the value of their phone.

Plaintiffs may also seek economic damages. Economic damages include monetary losses such as medical expenses, lost wages, or out-of-pocket expenses in connection to the injury that they suffered. Noneconomic damages cover emotional losses such as pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. They are not based on monetary value. Instead, economic damages are evaluated by the court based on a set of factors. These factors might include the severity of the injury sustained, as well as jury verdicts in other similar cases.

Punitive damages, known as exemplary damages in the state of Texas, are rarely awarded. Exemplary damages, as indicated by the name, are used to make an example of the defendant for their wrongful conduct. Under Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code §41.003, in order to receive exemplary damages, a pedestrian accident lawyer in Sugar Land would have to demonstrate that a victim’s recovery resulted from gross negligence by clear and convincing evidence.

Impact of Torts in a Pedestrian Collision Case

Torts are known as wrongful acts that, if committed, could lead to civil liability to those injured as a result. There are two kinds of torts, unintentional and intentional.

Intentional Torts 

Intentional torts are committed by someone with the intention of bringing about harmful results. Common examples of intentional torts are battery, assault, and false imprisonment. In the context of a pedestrian accident, if someone intentionally crashed into a pedestrian with the purpose of bringing them harm, they could be liable for committing an intentional tort.

Unintentional Torts 

Unintentional torts do not require a prerequisite intent. If someone is seeking damages for an unintentional tort, also known as negligence, a Sugar Land pedestrian accident lawyer would have to prove that the defendant breached their duty of care, causing the victim’s injuries.

Consider Contacting a Sugar Land Pedestrian Accident Attorney Today

If you were injured while crossing an intersection or hit while walking on a sidewalk or in a parking lot, you may be entitled to compensation. However, before taking legal action, it is recommended that you reach out to a trustworthy attorney.

A Sugar Land pedestrian accident lawyer could help create balance in your efforts to pursue legal recovery, advise you on steps to take, and help you strive for the right to relief. Call now to schedule a free case review today.