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Protecting Your Rights After A Bus Accident

Protecting Your Rights After A Bus Accident


Most people are unaware of their rights after a bus wreck since those types of cases are not as common as commercial auto accidents. However, knowing your rights in this type of situation is crucial because you deserve to have your rights protected. Something as simple as waiting to see a doctor for any reason can hinder you from getting the amount of compensation you deserve.

There are a few important measures to take directly after the accident. That’s why we’ve compiled a couple of things you should know to protect your rights after a bus wreck.


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Protecting Your Rights After A Bus Wreck

Protecting Your Rights After A Bus Acciden


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Get Immediate Medical Attention


The moment you think you’re injured, you need to seek medical attention, even if you aren’t seriously injured.  Oftentimes injuries can seem minor, however they can be related to a much larger issue such as a brain injury. Other injuries like whiplash may take days before symptoms arise. If you wait to go to the doctor it’s hard to argue that the symptoms you may experience later are directly related to the accident.


Do Not Give Any Recorded Statements


You are not obligated to give any recorded statements. In many bus accidents, the bus company will send a claims investigator to the scene of the accident or to the hospitals treating the injured passengers. They may try to ask you some questions about the accident to have on record. The purpose isn’t for your benefit, but for theirs. Something as innocent as saying “I’m feeling a little bit better”, can be used against you to try to diminish your injuries and your claim. Even if the claims investigator says that giving a recorded statement can benefit you, there’s no reason to provide one. Victims don’t always realize that the insurance company is not actually on their side. It is their job to make your injuries seem as minimal as possible.


Know the Statute of Limitations


The Statute of Limitations is the amount of time you have to take legal action following an accident. In Texas, the statute of limitations is two years, however this varies state-to-state. There will also be a Bus Accident Notice that will need to be given to the company within 60 days to notify them that you are taking legal action. If you do plan on taking legal action, don’t put off speaking to an attorney. Call someone as soon as possible.


Don’t Sign Anything Before Speaking to An Attorney


Don’t sign anything without an attorney present. This includes any documents from the bus company, insurance adjusters, or defense attorneys. After an accident, victims don’t always have a clear head with everything going on around them. It can be hard to fully understand a document given to you while you’re lying in a hospital room injured. If anyone asks you to sign anything, simply refuse and tell them you need to speak with an attorney. Bus wrecks can be very complicated so you’ll want an experienced attorney on your side.

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