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Houston Metal Hip Replacement Lawyer

Patients with a history of hip joint problems once received metal hip replacements as substitutes for their damaged joints. These devices promised to restore mobility to patients who had suffered from pain, disability and the loss of their independence. However, problems surfaced with a number of metal hip replacement products. These problems included ailments ranging from decreased mobility to crippling pain to toxic blood poisoning. These ailments led thousands of patients to pursue metal hip replacement lawsuits against the device’s manufacturers.

At the Amaro Law Firm, we want people to know about how the manufacturers of these dangerous devices have reneged on their promises. We want patients who have had metal hip replacement surgery, and who have suffered through the aftermath of the procedure, to understand their rights. If you have endured pain, suffering or disease due to a faulty metal hip replacement, you may qualify to file a metal hip replacement lawsuit. Please review the information below, then contact us at your earliest convenience to assess your metal hip replacement case.

Metal hip replacement devices have been linked to permanent injuries. Anyone harmed by a defective hip replacement device may have legal options for holding negligent manufacturers accountable.

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How the Metal Hip Replacement Works

In a normal hip joint, the upper part of the thigh bone, known as the femoral head, fits into a socket in the pelvis, known as the acetabulum. In a metal hip replacement, the surgeon replaces the femoral head with a metal ball and reinforces the acetabulum socket with a metal cup. The metal ball at the femoral head is typically larger than the bone it replaces. This ensures the joint’s stability and prevent dislocation of the hip joint. A metal hip replacement also lasts longer than similar components made from plastic.

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