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McKinney, TX, one of the fastest-growing cities in the state, has seen traffic collisions drop by nearly 5% since 2018. That’s according to the latest data, which also reveals that there are still an average of 4 motor vehicle wrecks every day on US 75, SH 121, and McKinney’s other roads.

While many of these crashes are minor, the worst collisions in McKinney, TX, usually involve massive 18-wheelers. When they do, it’s critical for the injured to learn more about their rights and their potential truck accident claim.

What Should I Do After a Truck Accident in McKinney, TX?

Tractor-trailer crashes can be annihilating within a matter of seconds. Often, that leaves victims with devastating injuries. Whenever an 18-wheeler wreck happens, getting emergency, life-saving medical treatment should always be the number one priority. After that, survivors of these accidents can take the following steps to protect their rights and a potential truck accident claim.

1. Call the Police & Seek Medical Attention

Call 911 after a serious crash that involves any injuries. For non-injury crashes, call the non-emergency number for the McKinney police (972-547-2700).

Officers can help with both the immediate needs, like assisting the injured, directing traffic, and removing the debris, as well as more extended needs, like investigating the 18-wheeler accident and writing up a police crash report.

Please note that you can request copies of police reports for McKinney truck accidents by calling the McKinney Police Department’s records office at 972-547-2820.

Along with contacting the cops, it’s also essential to get medical care — either at the scene or right after. The key reasons why medical care after a wreck is so important are that doctors can:

  • Diagnose your truck accident injuries
  • Get you on an immediate treatment plan, which can improve your prognosis
  • Document your injuries, the care you receive, and your future medical needs, all of which will be important when it’s time to determine damages and fight for fair truck accident compensation.

2. Gather Info & Evidence at the Scene

Exchange contact info, driving and vehicle info, and insurance info with others who were in the crash. If there were any witnesses to the crash, collect their information as well, if possible.

Additionally, other info and potential evidence that can be helpful to gather while you’re still at the crash scene can include (and is not limited to):

  • Truck accident scene photos and videos
  • Damaged personal items or crash debris
  • The name(s) and business card(s) of the responding police officer(s) so you can easily request a copy of the police report later

3. Be Careful with Your Statements

Try to stay calm and only talk about the facts of the crash that you are completely certain of. As you do this, remember to:

  • Never admit fault or apologize.
  • Never guess or try to fill in the blanks for things you don’t know.
  • Never state that you aren’t injured.

4. Report the Accident to Your Insurance Company

Depending on the terms of your auto insurance policy, you could be required to report any wrecks within hours or days of them happening. In fact, some policies have strict terms about reporting crashes within 72 hours of the occurrence.

If your policy has terms like this, it’s important to try to comply with them. If you don’t, it could give insurance companies grounds to raise challenges later when you file a claim.

Also, when reporting the wreck to your insurer, stick to the same statements you told police and be on guard. Don’t give a recorded statement if you aren’t ready, and keep in mind that the insurance company is not on your side.

5. Talk to a McKinney Truck Accident Lawyer

It can be impossible to know who is at fault for an 18-wheeler accident right after one happens.

If another party’s negligence caused your wreck, you could have various legal options for holding the at-fault party accountable and seeking compensation. A McKinney truck accident lawyer can evaluate your potential claim and explain what legal remedies may be available to you.

How Soon Do I Need to File a Truck Accident Case in McKinney, TX?

Deadlines for filing an 18-wheeler accident claim in Texas are set by state law. Those statutes of limitations provide victims 2 years to file a case. Typically, the date of the crash will be the starting point for the countdown to the filing deadline. However, that starting point could shift to a later date if the truck accident injuries aren’t discovered until later or if they later prove fatal.

When Should I Talk to a McKinney Truck Accident Lawyer?

As soon as you can after a tractor-trailer crash. The main reason is that a truck accident attorney can be the one ally who is on your side, working diligently to protect your rights and interests while helping you seek justice.

In fact, with a McKinney truck accident lawyer in your corner sooner, rather than later, you can be confident that:

  • You have someone on your side, standing up to insurance companies on your behalf.
  • Your lawyer will start taking action to collect and preserve evidence ASAP. Given that evidence can disappear or be destroyed as more time passes after a wreck, this can be pivotal to building the strongest possible claim.
  • You will have the advice, advocacy, and counsel you need to set your truck accident claim up for full, fair compensation.

Since reputable 18-wheeler accident attorneys in McKinney, TX, work on contingency:

  • You don’t have to worry about legal fees unless they recover compensation for you.
  • You can rest assured that their interests are fully aligned with yours and that they will do everything possible to achieve the best possible outcome.

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Your attorney can make all the difference in the outcome of your claim. When you want the strongest possible case and exceptionally effective representation, you want to retain an experienced McKinney truck accident lawyer.