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McAllen, TX, has been ranked as the 9th safest city in the U.S. for motorists. In fact, from McColl and Bensten Roads to Trenton Road and I-2, McAllen’s roads have seen a dramatic drop in crashes in recent years. The latest data shows that, since 2018, motor vehicle wrecks in McAllen have dropped by more than 26%.

As promising as that trend may be, there is still an average of 7 traffic collisions every day in McAllen, TX. The worst of these crashes commonly involve some of the biggest vehicles on the roads — heavy tractor-trailers weighing up to 80,000 pounds when fully loaded.

After these wrecks with big rigs, the more information you can get about your rights and legal options, the better. While the following starts to shed some key light on what survivors need to know about 18-wheeler crash claims, you can get case-specific answers and advice from a 5-star McAllen truck accident attorney whenever you’re ready for the next steps.

Can I Sue After a Semi-Truck Accident in McAllen, TX?

You may be able to sue the negligent parties after a semi-truck wreck IF:

  1. The statute of limitations for your case has not expired: In Texas, you generally have 2 years to file a tractor-trailer accident claim. If that deadline passes before you file, your claim can expire, and you may lose your options for seeking compensation for your truck accident injuries.
  2. Another party’s negligence played a bigger role in causing the crash than you may have: This means that you may still be able to recover compensation if you were partly at fault for a semi-truck wreck as long as any other party was primarily to blame for the crash. Texas’s modified comparative fault statute establishes this, making liability determinations in 18-wheeler cases especially crucial for victims.

A truck accident attorney can help you figure out if a potential claim is still valid and, if so, how to proceed.

Who Is Liable for My McAllen Truck Wreck?

The circumstances of your wreck determine the answer to this question. Without those details, here are a few parties commonly at fault for 18-wheeler accidents in McAllen, Texas:

  • Other drivers: Motorists’ errors and misbehaviors often cause 18-wheeler accidents. From drunk and distracted driving to speeding and reckless driving, negligent motorists are one of the leading causes of truck accidents in and around McAllen, TX. Please note that we’re referring to both non-commercial drivers (those operating passenger vehicles), as well as commercial drivers (truckers and other CDL holders).
  • Business or corporations: The companies that employ commercial drivers, ship goods in 18-wheelers, and/or make vehicles and automotive equipment can also be liable for truck accidents. For example, motor carriers and shippers can be at fault for wrecks resulting from their failures to hire safe drivers or ensure proper cargo securement in tractor-trailers. Similarly, automakers can be liable when faulty vehicle equipment plays a role in causing semi-wrecks. Brakes and tires are the leading pieces of equipment on trucks to fail and cause crashes.
  • Parties responsible for the roads: When roads have design flaws or they lack critical safety features, those who designed and built those dangerous roads can be liable for the wrecks on them. Similarly, the cities, counties, and other parties who are supposed to keep up the roads can be liable for tractor-trailer wrecks caused by their roadway maintenance failures (like failing to fix broken traffic signals, big potholes, missing reflectors, or incredibly faded lane markings).

These and/or other parties can be at fault for truck accidents, and more than one party can share fault for a single collision. Figuring out who’s to blame and how to hold them accountable can require the:

  • Police accident report
  • Other evidence for the wreck, like crash photos and videos
  • Insights, experience, and counsel of a trusted McAllen truck accident lawyer.

Why Do I Need a McAllen Truck Accident Lawyer?

Beyond figuring out fault and giving you advice about your rights, a McAllen truck accident attorney can take care of all of the complicated work that’s necessary to advance your claim and position it for the best possible resolution.

Unfortunately, after an 18-wheeler crash, the reality is that:

  • Evidence can be difficult to track down: Crash photos, trucker logbooks, damaged vehicles, and motor carriers’ records are just some forms of evidence that may get lost, destroyed, or damaged if not preserved after a wreck. An attorney can track down the important and available evidence while taking steps to ensure its preservation.
  • The options for justice are not always clear: A McAllen truck accident lawyer can highlight all of the available legal remedies, helping victims hold every at-fault party accountable. This is also key to seeking full, fair truck accident compensation.
  • Few people are looking out for accident victims: And victims cannot count insurers among those. In fact, the insurance company will usually be working against crash victims in an effort to reduce or deny payouts (and keep more money in the company’s hands). An experienced 18-wheeler accident attorney can push back and effectively protect victims’ rights to compensation. In many cases, that can make all the difference in achieving favorable truck accident settlements and better resolutions.

Remember, you don’t have a lot of time to file a claim after a tractor-trailer wreck, and you likely have just one chance to make your claim count. Make sure you have the best chances of success by partnering with a trusted McAllen truck accident lawyer.

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