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Lubbock, TX, has been rated one of the top 50 safest cities for driving. Still, this fast-growing city sees thousands of traffic collisions on its roadways each year. In fact, from University Ave. to Interstate 27 (I-27) and beyond, there have been at least 6,100 motor vehicle crashes in Lubbock every year since 2018, the latest data shows. The worst of these involve heavy tractor-trailers and catastrophic, if not deadly, injuries.

After a wreck, answers and legal counsel can help victims understand their rights and options for recovery. While the following provides helpful information about 18-wheeler crash cases, a Lubbock truck accident lawyer can also explain more during a free, confidential consultation.

Who Should I Call After a Truck Accident in Lubbock, TX?

Call 911 after a tractor-trailer accident resulting in injuries and/or serious vehicle damage. Police and emergency responders can help the injured get the care they need while diverting traffic and investigating the crash.

As the dust settles after a crash, police can also be important when it comes to:

  • Documenting key facts about the accident: This includes everything from the location, date, and time of the crash to the names and contact information for the involved parties, where the vehicles ended up after a crash, and more.
  • Gathering evidence: Police can record their own observations, witness statements, and any actions taken at the scene, like field sobriety testing, citations, or even arrests.
  • Reporting on the damage and potential liability: Police reports for wrecks can share key details regarding the injuries and the extent of the damage. Additionally, these reports may set forth officers’ conclusions regarding fault or provide explanations for why fault may be unclear (as of when the report was written).

Call (806)775-2865 — the non-emergency number for the Lubbock Police Department — for minor accidents or questions about a truck accident police report. You can also request or view police reports for 18-wheeler accidents in Lubbock, TX, here.

Call a Lubbock truck accident lawyer to find out more about a potential claim and how to proceed.

How Do Truck Accident Cases in Lubbock Usually Get Resolved?

Many cases can be resolved through out-of-court settlements. This can be far more likely to occur when fault is clear-cut, both parties can agree on damages, and/or victims are represented by a Lubbock truck accident attorney.

While every case is unique and different claims can see far different paths to resolution, in general, truck accident cases involve:

  • More investigations and evidence gathering
  • Interacting with insurance companies
  • Establishing damages and losses
  • Attempting settlement negotiations before going to court

If fault or damages for an 18-wheeler accident claim are disputed, it can be necessary to take a claim to court. A Lubbock truck accident lawyer can explain the process and give you a better idea of what to expect, after hearing about your situation and potential claim.

What Should I Tell or Bring to a Lubbock Truck Accident Lawyer During a Consult?

Be open and honest, sharing all of the details you can recall about your tractor-trailer accident. Some of the specifics you should be prepared to discuss include:

  • What you were doing right before the crash: This can refer to how attentive you were immediately before the wreck, as well as what you may have noticed going on around you. Road and weather conditions prior to the accident are some other key details to try to share, if possible.
  • What happened during and after the wreck: Did the impact come out of nowhere or did you see it coming? Were you moving or stationary at the time of the collision? Where did your vehicle end up after the crash? There are just some important aspects of a crash that an 18-wheeler accident lawyer will likely want to discuss.
  • Medical care: Did you receive emergency medical treatment? Have you continued to seek medical attention? Have there been any gaps in medical treatment? These answers can shed more light on damages while uncovering potential issues insurance companies could raise later.

If possible, bring items related to the crash to your first meeting with a Lubbock truck accident attorney. These can include (and may not be limited to):

  • Pictures and/or videos of the accident scene
  • Letters, emails, and/or voicemails from the insurance companies
  • Names and/or contact information for the other parties in the crash, as well as any witnesses (if available)
  • Clothing, damaged personal property, or any debris from the crash
  • Medical bills, medical records, doctor’s treatment notes, or anything else related to treatment for your crash injuries

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If you or someone you love has been hurt in an 18-wheeler wreck, a Lubbock truck accident lawyer can be a reliable ally and an essential advocate when it’s time to seek financial recovery and justice. 

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