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Lakeway’s History

Sitting just 16 miles west of Austin, Lakeway, Texas, is a vibrant, growing city that’s known for adventure, green spaces, and history dating back to the early 1960s.

To highlight some of the most pivotal points in this city’s ever-changing path, here’s a rundown of Lakeway’s history.

History of Lakeway: A Timeline

Sitting roughly 5 miles west of Mansfield Dam, Lakeway started as a 2,700-acre ranch, between Lake Travis and State Highway 620. Owned by Jack (Jake) Josey, a Houstonian rancher and oilman, Lakeway has blossomed into a flourishing community over its brief 60-year history. Here’s how:

  • 1962: Flint Sawtelle, John H. Crooker, Jr., and Lee Blocker obtained a 60-day option to buy the land that would become Lakeway, planning to build a hotel and resort community.
  • 1963: The Lakeway Land Company begins selling property in the community, and the Lakeway Inn and Marina holds its grand opening celebration.
  • 1964: About 2,810 more acres are purchased and added to the new community, which has been deemed “Lakeway” because it overlooks a golf course fairway.
  • 1971: A Dallas-based company, Alpert Investment Corporation, buys the Lakeway Land Company, at which point 1,000 acres in Lakeway had been developed into 300 homes.
  • 1974: The residents vote to incorporate and establish the 1,200-acre village of Lakeway. At that time, the new village was governed by a 3-man group, headed up by the first mayor, Newt Herndon.
  • 1984: Lakeway’s population hits about 1,020 while the greater Lakeway region has roughly triple those residents.
  • 1990: Lakeway’s population soars to 4,044 residents.
  • 2000: Lakeway’s population nearly doubles to 8,002. The land that would become Heritage Park was donated to the City of Lakeway.

Today, Lakeway is one of the more desirable suburbs of the Greater Austin area, with more and more young families, singles, retirees, veterans, and others moving in and adding to the rich fabric of this growing city.

Lakeway, TX, in the 2000s & Beyond

Lakeway has come a long since its early days as a large ranch, and since the turn of the century, the community has continued to grow in size, prominence, and overall appeal. While many experts predict a bright, prosperous future for Lakeway, there’s no telling what tomorrow will bring — and that can be glaringly apparent to the survivors of accidents and catastrophic injuries. For those individuals, consulting with an experienced personal injury lawyer in Lakeway, TX, can help.



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