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Killeen Truck Accident Lawyer

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Killeen, TX, has seen an uptick in motor vehicle accidents in recent years. In fact, since 2018, traffic collisions in Killeen have spiked by nearly 4%, the latest data shows. That may sound insignificant until you consider these facts:

  • Over the past three years, there has been an average of 6 motor vehicle crashes every day in Killeen, Texas.
  • It only takes one wreck to cause life-shattering injuries and devastating losses.

In many cases, it’s 18-wheelers that are involved in the worst wrecks on CenTex, Business Loop 190, and the other roadways running through Killeen. When that happens, a Killeen truck accident lawyer can be the key to helping victims recover.

Who Should I Call After a Truck Accident in Killeen, TX?

Three parties are essential to call in the aftermath of an 18-wheeler wreck in Killeen. They are:

  1. The police: This should be your first call after the crash if you’re not severely injured (or unconscious). Dial 911 if anyone needs emergency care or if a crash is blocking traffic and there’s potential for another collision. For non-injury crashes with only slight property damage (the fender benders), call the Killeen Police Department non-emergency line at 254-501-8800. No matter how severe the wreck may be, if police respond to the scene, they’ll investigate and write an official report.
  2. Your insurance company: Insurers typically want to know about any wrecks within hours or a couple of days of them happening. You may even be obligated, under the terms of your policy, to report any collisions within a certain period of time. So, once you leave the scene and without undue delay, contact your insurer to report the crash and only the facts you know. You do NOT have to give an official statement at this time, and you shouldn’t if you’re not ready to.
  3. A Killeen truck accident attorney: A lawyer can explain your rights and whether you may have a claim for compensation. Whenever possible, call an attorney before you talk to the insurance company. However, even if you’re already dealing with the insurance company, calling and retaining a lawyer can still be a game-changer for a claim.

What Is the Process for Resolving Truck Accident Cases in Killeen?

Your crash and potential claim will determine the answer to this question. The reason is that several case-specific details can impact what needs to happen in order to advance and resolve your case.

While a Killeen truck accident attorney can share more details after learning about your situation, here are a few key things that are important to understand about truck accidents cases and how they are generally resolved:

  • Truck accident cases usually start with investigations, the collection of evidence, and insurance companies.
  • Disputes over the evidence, liability, the injuries, or damages can complicate cases and potentially prolong their resolutions.
  • Trial is not the most common path for 18-wheeler accident cases. Most are settled out of court.

What Happens in an Initial Consult with a Killeen Truck Accident Lawyer?

This meeting is an information-gathering session for you and an attorney. It gives you the chance to share your story, ask questions, and get essential information about a potential tractor-trailer claim. At the same time, it gives a lawyer the chance to learn about your situation and explain what (s)he can do to help you going forward.

To help you make the of — and get most the most out of — an initial consultation with a Killeen truck accident attorney, here are some helpful tips:

  • Be honest and open: The consultation is confidential, so you don’t have to worry about holding anything back. Sharing everything you know can help you get better answers.
  • Be ready to talk about the crash in detail: The lawyer will ask a lot of questions. If you’re prepared with detailed responses, you can get far more specific advice about how to protect your rights and a potential claim.
  • Bring any evidence you have: From accident photos and doctors’ bills to insurance paperwork and police reports, bring anything you have related to the crash to the initial consultation (or have it ready to send to the lawyer if you’re meeting virtually). With these items, a Killeen truck accident lawyer can speak to specifics of your case, like fault and damages, while having some key items to help kick off further investigations.
  • Have your questions ready: This is your time to get answers from someone who fights for crash victims for a living. If you have a list ready, you can be sure you’ll get all of the information you need from a lawyer during your initial consultation.

A 5-Star Killeen Truck Accident Lawyer Is Ready to Help You

Have you or a loved one been injured in a tractor-trailer crash? Have you lost a loved one to a deadly wreck? If so, you can rely on a Killeen truck accident lawyer to be your trusted ally and fierce advocate when it’s time to pursue justice.