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How to Hire a Mesothelioma Lawyer

Here’s what you need to know to retain the best mesothelioma attorney for your case. Diagnosed with mesothelioma? Find out about a potential claim: (713) 352-7975

Your mesothelioma attorney can make all the difference in the success of your claim. From discovery through the resolution, a mesothelioma lawyer can impact the strength, duration, and outcome of your case—and whether you’re able to secure a mesothelioma settlement.

Given how pivotal the role of a mesothelioma attorney is, here’s what you need to know to choose the right one to represent you and handle your case.

What to Look for in a Mesothelioma Lawyer: 3 Key Factors

When it’s time to retain a mesothelioma lawyer, the options can be overwhelming. To help you choose the right lawyer, look for:

  1. Credentials: The first step to a mesothelioma attorney search should be verifying credentials, licensing, and standing with the state bar association. You can research mesothelioma lawyers in Texas here. This one step can tell you whether a lawyer is actually licensed and whether (s)he may have any official complaints filed with the state bar.
  2. Experience: Look for a lawyer who has vast experience handling mesothelioma cases. You want an experienced attorney who knows how to craft the strongest possible cases and how to successfully resolve these cases. This experience can give you priceless peace of mind.
  3. Reviews: Testimonials can give you key insights about the representation and service a mesothelioma lawyer provides. When looking at reviews, be sure to look beyond the testimonials posted on an attorney’s website. Looking on Google and Facebook can give you a more well-rounded perspective about what you can expect from a given mesothelioma lawyer.

Evaluating these factors can narrow down the choices for mesothelioma lawyers, helping you hone in on the best options for your case.

If, however, you don’t have time to research mesothelioma attorneys and you need the best option now, contact the Amaro Law Firm. Our mesothelioma lawyers are skilled at bringing cases to successful resolutions, and we’re known for providing exceptional representation, backed by first-class service.

Diagnosed with Mesothelioma?
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7 Questions to Ask a Mesothelioma Attorney During the Initial Consultation

Once you’ve found a handful of mesothelioma lawyers for your case, schedule an initial case evaluation so you can meet the attorneys face to face. This consultation gives you the opportunity to get answers and get a feel for a lawyer.

To help you get some of the most information you need, here are the most important questions to ask during this meeting :

  1. How many mesothelioma cases like mine have you handled?
  2. What is your success rate with mesothelioma claims?
  3. What will you do to get my case started?
  4. How often can I expect to get status updates about my mesothelioma claim?
  5. Will you handle my case from start to finish or will it be passed off to someone else?
  6. How responsive will you be when I call or email you about my case?
  7. What are your fees and will I have to pay if my case does not result in compensation?

The answers to these questions can give you the key insights you need to select the best attorney for your mesothelioma claim.

Partner with an Experienced Mesothelioma Attorney & Set Your Claim Up for Success

A mesothelioma lawyer at the Amaro Law Firm is ready to provide you with the answers you need to help you get on the path to justice. 

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At the Amaro Law Firm, we are dedicated to providing exceptional advocacy, backed by legal expertise and first-class service. Compassionate and tenacious, we can help you set your claim up for success and any possible recovery.

While we understand compensation can’t cure mesothelioma, we also know how mesothelioma settlements can help people and families focus on healing.

Through our record of outstanding representation and success in mesothelioma cases, the Amaro Law Firm has earned us a 5-star rating on Google and Facebook, glowing testimonials from former clients, and a 10 rating on Avvo.