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How Insurance Attorneys Can Help A Contractor Get Claims Paid


Hailstorms are known to cause massive amounts of damage, such as the April hailstorm that hit San Antonio in April of 2016.  The damage and price tag that comes with hailstorms often make the headlines, but those making the repairs seldom do.  The storm in San Antonino is believed to have caused over $2 billion in damages.  While tragic, this is an exponential increase in business for contractors, provided they actually get paid the amount needed to get the job done right.

Contractors work in a business where life or death for the business can come down to timing and pricing.  If someone else has been given the project, or another contractor is able to do the work for cheaper, the business may not survive.  These are factors that are relatively well within the contractor’s control, but knowing how to ensure they are paid may not, and many contractors are facing this issue in San Antonio.  This is where insurance attorneys can create a mutually beneficial relationship.

Contractors spend time marketing, quoting, rebuilding, or repairing, while determining their projects for the near future.  An insurance attorney allows contractors to focus on their work rather than fighting the insurance company for wrongfully denying or underpaying the claims of their customers.  Insurance attorneys have more leverage with insurance companies because they have the means and ends to pursue litigation if the insurance companies refuse to follow the law.  Insurance attorneys are experienced in enforcing the insurance code and familiar with the deadlines that adjusters are subject to under the code.  In addition, Texas law prohibits contractors from negotiating payment amounts with insurance companies and doing the repair work.  An insurance attorney can help resolve that issue, which allows the contractor to complete the work and get paid the full amount without the contractor or the policyholder paying a penny out of pocket.

The attorneys at the Amaro Law Firm have vast experience dealing with insurance companies.  Prior to working with the Amaro Law Firm some of the attorneys worked as defense lawyers for the insurance companies.  These lawyers now understand both sides of the dispute and tactics used by the insurance companies and put this to use in helping property owners fight for fair and just treatment.  Consultations are free, and if value cannot be added to your claim, we will not take your case.  When insurance companies are caught acting in bad faith, they are required to pay the full amount and reasonable attorney’s fees, which means we only are paid when we do our job.