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Main Street, Belt Line Road, I-20, and I-30 are just some of the bustling roadways spanning Grand Prairie, Texas. Despite routine improvements to these and other local roads, about 3,200 traffic collisions have occurred every year in Grand Prairie since 2018. Sometimes, those crashes involve tractor-trailers, weighing thousands of pounds and threatening to cause serious harm.

Victims of these wrecks can turn to a Grand Prairie truck accident lawyer when it’s time to recover. For guidance about a potential claim, what to expect, and how a Grand Prairie truck accident lawyer can help you, continue reading. You can also learn more about your legal options in a confidential, FREE case evaluation.

Who Is Liable for My Truck Accident in Grand Prairie, TX?

Liability depends on the facts and evidence specific to your 18-wheeler accident. That means you need to talk to an experienced Grand Prairie truck accident lawyer for a definitive answer here. Generally speaking, however, the parties who are commonly at fault for trucking crashes in Grand Prairie, Texas, can include (and are not limited to):

  • Motor carriers: Trucking companies that employ negligent truck drivers can be liable for the accidents those truckers cause. In fact, motor carriers can be liable for hiring dangerous truckers, failing to train truck drivers, and failing to drug test their drivers. These companies can also be legally responsible when their dangerous policies and/or poorly maintained trucks contribute to wrecks.
  • Vehicle makers and/or parts manufacturers: Unsafe trucks and faulty trucking equipment can result in horrific wrecks. The manufacturers who cut corners, use subpar materials, or otherwise flout safety standards can be liable when their defective trucking equipment plays a role in tractor-trailer accidents.
  • Other parties working in the trucking industry: Shippers, loading dock owners, brokers, and others in the trucking industry can be liable when their negligence causes 18-wheeler accidents. Making these liability determinations can require a Grand Prairie truck accident lawyer who knows how to dig deeper and examine items like bills of lading, manifests, motor carrier records, and more.
  • Drivers: Truck drivers and/or other motorists can be at fault when their impairment, distraction, or failure to follow traffic laws has caused a collision. While cellphone records and modern technology in trucks can provide clues regarding what occurred before, during, and after a crash, police reports can also be helpful. You can request a police report for a truck accident in Grand Prairie, TX, here.

How Long Does It Take to Resolve a Truck Accident Claim?

The timeline for a truck accident case can vary, moving faster or slower based on case-specific details like (but not limited to):

  • Whether liability is a point of dispute: Questions and disputes over liability can prolong accident investigations. If these disputes cannot be resolved outside of court, a case can be drawn out even further, and it may end up before a judge.
  • The complexity of the evidence: In more complex cases, experts may be needed to analyze and interpret the evidence. This may be necessary for dashcam footage, data from electronic onboard recorders (EOBRs), and potential equipment failures, just to name a few examples.
  • The nature of the injuries and damages: Catastrophic truck accident injuries and extensive damage can take time to assess. Sometimes, it may even take time for injuries to fully present themselves and for medical professionals to determine the prognosis. Since proving the extent of the injuries and losses is a key goal of a truck accident claim, it may take longer to establish claims that involve more devastating crashes, injuries, and damages.
  • Your choices and goals: Once a truck accident claim gets to the point of settlement talks and offers, you have the choice to accept or reject any offer presented to you. You may want to get on with your life, hold out for a better offer, or see your day in court. Whatever your preferences and goals may be, those can also impact how long a truck accident claim lasts.

How Much Does a Grand Prairie Truck Accident Lawyer Cost?

Generally, there is no upfront cost to retain a Grand Prairie truck accident attorney. Instead, fees for representation usually depend (are contingent) on the financial recovery in a case. So, if there’s no compensation secured for a claim, there are no fees for a Grand Prairie truck accident lawyer that works on contingency. Costs will only be calculated and due if or when the attorney secures compensation.

A reputable Grand Prairie truck accident lawyer will explain their fee structure during your first meeting so there are no surprises about costs and how their services work.

Put Your Recovery in the Hands of a Trusted Grand Prairie Truck Accident Lawyer

Get the help you need after an 18-wheeler crash from a Grand Prairie truck accident lawyer. Beyond explaining your rights and legal options, an 18-wheeler accident attorney can provide essential representation and counsel in the pursuit of justice.

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