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Uber has increased in popularity as a taxi-cab alternative.  Questions regarding regulation and insurance arrive. So, what happens if your Uber is involved in a car accident or if you are hit by an Uber?  Will Uber cover your injuries or the damage to your car? The simple answer is yes, but the coverage can depend on whether or not the Uber is accepting customers at the time and whether or not a customer is in the car.

Although it is most commonly thought of as a taxi service, Uber has different options available that allows passengers to select a certain range of cars based on factors such as size and level of luxury. Before approval to drive for Uber, individuals must provide evidence of their personal auto insurance coverage and verify certain requirements.  Once an individual begins driving, the company provides different levels of insurance depending on whether the driver is working and whether they are driving a customer.

Uber allows drivers to choose their own hours.  When a driver is not working, or “offline” they are only covered by their personal or commercial auto insurance (depending on the type of Uber).  Insurance provided by Uber becomes effective when the driver is available to accept a ride.  When a person requests an Uber vehicle, a driver nearby will accept the request to drive the customer to their desired location.  When the driver is active, most personal auto insurance policies provide coverage.  If the policy excludes coverage, Uber carries a policy that covers the driver’s liability for injury up to $50,000 per individual/accident with a total of $100,000 per accident and up to $25,000 in property damage.

From the time an Uber driver accepts a ride and picks up the customer, until the driver reaches the destination, Uber provides a higher level of insurance.  The driver and customer are protected by a commercial automobile insurance policy with $1 million of liability per incident.  Uber provides an additional $1 million coverage for uninsured/underinsured motorists insurance.  If a non-Uber driver causes an accident with an Uber driver while working, and the other individual does not have adequate insurance, the policy will cover everyone inside the Uber ride.  This protects all parties and provides the relief necessary and coverage when the other party does not have an insurance policy sufficient for the damage caused.

A car accident while being a passenger in an Uber can be a traumatic and difficult situation. Uber provides insurance for its employees and customers when applicable, but an experienced attorney may be able to help resolve the issue more efficiently.  The attorneys with the Amaro Law Firm have dedicated years to working with insurance companies to ensure those injured in a car accident recover the full compensation.  If you or a loved one have been in an Uber car accident, we may be able to help.  Contact us today to set up your free consultation.