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Wrongful Death

New Law Set to Raise Colorado Wrongful Death Damage Caps by 2025

New CO Damage Caps Will Reform Compensation Limits into the Millions & Add Built-In Adjustments for Inflation Nearly 40 years after their debut, wrongful death damage caps in Colorado will soon increase more than eight times, going from $250,000 to...

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Fatal Amazon Delivery Truck Accident May Have Involved Reckless Driving

An Amazon Delivery Truck Wreck That Killed an Infant Is Now the Focus of Several Investigations Deadly Amazon delivery truck crashes happen far too often in Texas and across the U.S. One of the latest wrecks to capture headlines and...

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Houston Contractors Hit with $315k OSHA Penalty Over Deadly Roof Collapse

OSHA Investigation Uncovers Contractors ‘Willful Disregard for Worker Safety’ A fatal roof collapse in Friendswood, Texas, could have been prevented if two Houston contractors had complied with federal safety regulations. That’s what investigators at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration...

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Why Traffic Deaths Spike on Super Bowl Sundays & How to Stay Safe

Nearly Half of All Super Bowl Traffic Deaths Involve Alcohol, Data Shows Super Bowl Sunday ends in disaster far too often on the roads. In fact, year after year, traffic deaths surge on Super Bowl Sunday. Tragically, driver impairment is...

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